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See Tickets is one of the larger ticket service companies in the world selling tens op millions tickets a year. See Tickets has 15 offices around the world, primarily in Western-Europe and the US. In 2018, See Ticket’ parent company Vivendi bought Dutch ticket service company Paylogic and rebrand it to See Tickets in the Netherlands a year later. While Paylogic is a whitelabel solution for event organizations to sell tickets themselves, See Tickets is a consumer platform to sell the tickets for them instead, where consumers can find and buy tickets to all sorts of events.

There haven’t been a similar platform in the Netherlands up till now and while See Tickets is fairly big in other countries, it is not a known brand in the Dutch market. We have the clear and simple task to make it the go-to platform to buy tickets in the Netherlands.

We performed a SEO scan when the website launched. Although it is an existing platform used in other countries, the website has to be adjusted to the Dutch market. We have used a pull- and push strategie to launch the platform, where we apply Google Search for people who search for events we offer tickets to, and Facebook & Instagram Ads to raise brand awareness at the same time.


See Tickets launch in the Netherlands


See Tickets

What We Did

Succesfully launched See Tickets in the Benelux by implementing SEO, tech, and ads

Resulting in

Building a strong foundation for the years to come to become the biggest platform in the Netherlands

Selling tickets and building a brand

Our SEO scan checks for more than 50 potential errors and other improvements related to SEO. Even though the Dutch websites uses the same foundation as other countries, we found plenty of enhancements in order to successfully launch the website in the Netherlands. In addition, we set a foundation to improve SEO over time, also related to content that is going to be created especially for this market.

We have used a pull- and push strategie to launch the platform. We use Google Search to advertise for events the See Tickets platform sells tickets to. With our initial launch partners we sold four digits number of tickets, even though See Tickets wasn’t a known platform in the Netherlands at the time. The results were above expectation. We use Facebook and Instagram Ads to do it the other way around, where we run campaigns to raise brand awareness and trust so the platform can grow from there. We are in the middle of that execution. We on-boarded our content partner HOAX to take on the visual part so we can apply the See Ticket brand guidelines to the Dutch market. Overall, a very strong launch that sets a great promise for the future of the platform in the Netherlands!


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