Milkshake Festival



Every summer the Westerpark in Amsterdam opens her doors for one of the most unique festivals in the world. Milkshake has a clear message in which respect, freedom, tolerance and love are central themes. Whether you’re tall, thin, gay, straight, yellow or purple; Milkshake embraces diversity and welcomes everybody from everywhere. Since 2016 the festival has gone from a one-day festival to a two-day event, doubling the fun and love. From top name DJ’s to drag acts and performance art, you can be whoever you want to be!

This year we are lucky to be able to advertise for this unique festival for the sixth year in a row. And what a major success we’ve had this year, the tickets were already sold out after only one and a half week! More than 6 months before the actual festival date. Of course, the awesome organisation of the festival worked very hard year after year to secure their reputation as an all-loving festival. Our objective was and is to build on that reputation and give strategic advice to the organisation to not only sell the festival tickets, but also educate people about what Milkshake Festival stands for.

In order to do so, we’ve developed and built YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat campaigns for particular target audiences, each with its own special approach.


Milkshake Festival 2015-2020


Air Events

What We Did

Secured pre-registrations and ticket sales through multi-channel online marketing (Facebook & Instagram, SnapChat, Google Search, Google Display & YouTube)

Resulting in

Selling out all the festival tickets in one and a half week. About 6 months before the actual Festival.

Resulting in a very special festival for all who love.

The overall strategy and campaigns that realized the ambitious goals have had a massive impact on the sales of the tickets. Every year the festival sells out months before the actual festival date. With this year a record has been made by selling out almost 6 months before the actual festival in just a week and a half. Making full use of the upcoming 6 months to help the audience engage with the Milkshake Festival community by communicating and discussing the values and love the festival stands for. Because the festival is for all who love.