Headhunterz is the world’s number one hardstyle DJ and the highest ranked hard dance act in the DJ Mag Top 100 for a number of years. He is known for being one of the founding fathers of the hardstyle sound as we know today. Headhunterz hosts a successful podcast once a month called ‘Hard with Style’. Together with Wildstylez he founded a label called ‘Art of Creation’ where he releases his music among other artists. In 2019, he launched a new project called ‘Orange Heart’ that hosts smaller events and released a song of the same name to kick-off the project.

In an ever changing and competitive environment the music industry is, it is import to stay ahead of the curve. Headhunterz has over a million dedicated fans on social media. It is important to convert these fans to continue his success. For example, whenever he releases new music or a video, we want to make sure his fans are aware by pushing it and generate a buzz.

Also, we would like them to vote for the DJ Mag Top 100, as this is the main audience who is most likely to vote him as their favorite DJ. Merchandise is a hot topic in the hardstyle industry, so has Headhunterz his own merchandising. We would like to convert the most dedicated fans in buying it.

Next to converting this existing fans, it is important to reach a new audience as well and expand his fan base. We have extensive experience in the hardstyle industry, working with Q-dance, Art of Dance, Dirty Workz, and Frequencerz among others. We use this experience to reach the right audience who most probably heard about Headhunterz before, but is not a fan yet.


Headhunterz 2018 – 2020



What We Did

Promoting key side projects, next to pushing his new music releases

Resulting in

Attracting new fans and converting dedicated fans

Still #1, more fans, more sales, more visitors, more hits.

Headhunterz has again been voted as the number one hardstyle DJ in the world. We doubled the subscribers to his newsletter against the target CPL and sold more merchandise than before against the target CPA. The first edition of the ‘Orange Heart’ project was sold out and the project’s anthem was voted #2 as the hardstyle track of the year.


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