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A free online audit?

The online world is changing continuously. You, therefore, have to make sure that you adjust to the situation continuously too. Are you sure you are still in the best position for today’s challenges?

Interested in having an expert review by one of our specialists to be sure that your online situation is future proof? Our audits are free of cost and obligations, but full of insights and action items.

We offer four online marketing audits.

Online Strategy Audit

A good online strategy is fully aligned with the organisational strategy, focuses on the right (funnel) objectives, has specific messaging for the different audiences, and for this, collects and makes smart use of data. Do you want to make sure your online strategy truly fits to what you are aiming to achieve? Let us review, give insights and share opportunities that otherwise might be missed.

Google Ads Audit

We know what Google Ads needs to generate the best results. We will review your account(s). See whether the bid strategies and campaign structure are setup in order to achieve your objectives. We will review the keywords and match types. We will check your ads and extensions. And those of your competitors. In order to see where chances are missed. And to present you with new opportunities. 

Social Ads Audit

You have to know the nuances of each Social Advertising Channel to make it perform at its best. Based on your objectives and audiences, we will review your setup in order to review if you generate the results most effectively. Our audit will give you detailed insights into best use of channels, by smarter targeting, more effective ad formats and best use of your data/audiences.

Data & Tech Audit

Tracking is needed to evaluate any website performance. Good tracking enables you to collect data, to segment it and use it for setting up smart campaigns. The last few years new privacy policies have made tracking more complicated. In our Data & Tech audit we will check your situation and give you feedback on how you can optimise your tracking in order to be future proof. 

The online audit process

Audit Process: Intro Call

Intro Call

First, we will schedule a call to get more information about you organisational, the current marketing setup, your audiences and objectives and details around your products and/or services. 

Audit Process: Access & Audit

Access & Audit

When we have access to the necessary accounts our experts will start the deep dive. Internally we will discuss the findings and work on a presentation with our findings and suggestions.

Audit Process: Insights Sharing

Insights Sharing

During a (video) call or meeting we will discuss all findings in an easy to grasp manner. Giving you suggestions around where we see the highest to lowest priority. From low to high hanging fruits.

Audit Process: Next Steps

Follow Up?

In case you, after the first three steps, believe you also prefer to take the next steps. Then we will work out different scenarios on what our future together could look like. 

Interested in a free audit?

Would you want to have a second opinion about your online situation? Would you want to know whether there might be opportunities that you are missing today? Then, fill out the form and we will get back to you very soon.

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