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YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. It’s also considered to be the video platform for watching and sharing videos. Every month more than one billion visitors go to YouTube, supplying the channel with a huge reach. In recent years, many interesting video ad formats have been added, which makes YouTube in addition to branding, very suitable for interaction and conversion.

Therefore, YouTube Advertising can’t longer lack in your online marketing strategy. YouTube gives you the ideal opportunity to show video ads to interesting users. There are many original ways in which videos can be used to increase brand or product awareness, to find an inspiring way to tap into a new target group, to simply bring a video under attention, but also to take care of extra traffic and conversion.

Advertising with YouTube is set up from Google Ads, where same targeting techniques are used as with Google Display Network for Display Advertising. Different targeting elements such as interest, custom intent, demographics, comparable visitors, website remarketing and YouTube Remarketing can be used. It’s also possible to target specific aspects of content, meaning the content of the page where the video ad is being shown. This allows you to target a subject, but also specific YouTube channels, or websites and apps in the Google Display Network. A lot of this specific targeting is very interesting, certainly for the younger target group.

6 out of 10

people prefer online video platforms to live TV.


hours of YouTube videos are watched in a day, more than Netflix and Facebook video combined


is how long an average mobile viewing session lasts.

We are experts in handling YouTube Campaigns and can absolutely help to reach the right target group with a catchy message. We’ll start setting up a strategy matching your objectives, which will determine who we want to reach with what message. It is also important to have good video materials available, which also influence the further design of the campaigns. If, for example, it concerns a very long video, we advise you to not use it as a pre-roll. Is it a powerful short message, bumper ads could be a solution. Keep in mind that it is very important to consider the target group if such a short message is the right strategy, as you want to prevent the message from being incomplete and therefore miss the mark. These choices we will make together, whereby we will advise for each target group what the desirable formats are and, in doing so, the appropriate targeting mix.

We will completely take over the set up and management of your YouTube Campaign being fully transparent in all our activities and campaign results. We will provide you will intelligible dashboards and insightful reports, adjusted to the level of detail you demand. Next to these real-time insights, there is always enough time for evaluation and communication, in the way you prefer.

As YouTube specialists, we will always stay on top of our game. Not only by looking continuously at your campaigns, but also to what is happening in the market and keeping an eye on new digital innovations. This way we will make sure you are always a first mover in order to beat the competition.

Read our latest blogs for more updates concerning the latest ad formats. Or come by for a chat in one of our offices!