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When working on online ad campaigns, one thing is most important. The flow from the audience, to the displayed ad, to the website, should be natural, logical and visually smooth. Only this way, audiences directed to your website will feel that they are at the right place, at the right time, for the message that is really meant for them.

A big part of this journey is controlled by the ad campaign, the last part is mostly influenced by the website. This website should be idiot-proof. Meaning that you make your website in that way, that your audience knows exactly what it should do there. Should it just read and be informed? Should it get inspired by your amazing brand message? Should it fill out a contact form, in order to be contacted? Or should it buy those amazing products you sell in your webshop? All these different goals ask for a different type of website, and you should optimise your website accordingly.

Talking a bit longer about the latter. For a webshop, a change in conversion ratio from 1% to 2% means you need half of the clicks than you needed before. When at first you need 100 clicks of let’s say €0,25 to get to a conversion, and later on you only need 50 clicks, this results in a significant decrease in your cost per acquisition. Decreasing from €25 to only €12,50. This is just an easy example of what website optimisation can mean for you.


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Via simple A/B tests we can check multiple landing pages, to see which one scores best. This way you can pick those pages, that ensure the best return on your ad spend. We can also set up dashboards to give insights into how all the different pages of your website score, to easily identify which pages need improvement.

A website is never finished. There are always ways to improve further, in order for your audience to understand better what it is you want them to do. Also remember, that when you have different physical shops, there is probably not one physical shop that has as many visitors as your webshop. A webshop can never be full, as there can be an “infinite” amount of visitors, in all languages with many different backgrounds. That is also, why it is so important to never let your website just be, but always to keep improving and innovating.

We can help you in identifying how to improve your website. We can help you in selecting those tools that give relevant insights, we can set up A/B tests, visualise visitor data of all the different pages and work together on making your website idiot-proof. We have seen so many different websites, for many different purposes. In case you want us to help you in crystallising the purpose of your website to your visitors, feel free to contact us anytime.