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Snapchat once started as a playful app, to make funny pictures and videos that could be shared among friends. Today Snapchat, with 300 million monthly users, is among the biggest social media platforms. Snapchat is the channel for the youngest audience, from high school kids to young adults until 34 years old. Where active Snapchatters open the app over 25 times per day and more than 400 million Snapchat stories are created every day.

Where most social platforms focus on consuming content, Snapchat is focussed on creating content. This makes this app platform unique. With its own unique ad formats, like sponsored geo-filters and sponsored lenses. Where Snapchat Story once was the precursor of the Instagram Story and Facebook Story.

In the beginning advertising on Snapchat was mainly used for branding and engagement purposes. Only recently Snapchat came with new advertising options that make advertising on Snapchat even more attractive, also for conversion goals. Next to the new features, like Snapchat Shopping and Snapchat Product, Snapchat now also updated the Snap Pixel. This Pixel allows the advertiser to build audience lists, for remarketing purposes.


There are 173 million worldwide active daily Snapchat users.


an active Snapchatter opens the app 18 times a day.


from the 2.5 million Dutch users, 40% is daily active.

Right at the start, when Snapchat Advertising became possible in the Netherlands, we took the opportunity to explore. We have found many useful and fruitful ways to engage with our customers’ audiences. And with more and more features coming up, we surely advise all customers to explore this option with us. Of course, only when we think your audience is present at Snapchat.

Together we can think of original and useful ways to make Snapchat work for you. We will come up with the campaign structure that fits your company’s objective best. When the campaigns are live we will monitor and optimise these continuously. We will provide you with intelligible dashboards and insightful reports, adjusted to the level of detail you demand. This way all our activities and campaign results are fully transparent. Next to these real-time insights, there is always enough time for evaluation and communication, in the way you prefer.

As we are the Snapchat experts, we will always stay on top of our game. Not only looking continuously at your campaigns but also to what is happening in the market and keeping an eye on new digital innovations. This way we will make sure you are always a first mover in order to beat the competition.

Read our blog for more details about the latest Snapchat developments. Or when you feel like coming over for a coffee, please reach out to us!