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SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, are various techniques that help a website or webpage appear high in the organic search results. The better the SEO components are, the better Google understands the webpage and the higher you appear in the organic search results. The biggest advantage of good SEO is that through good relevance of the keywords, you attract more relevant visitors to the website.

In the SEO scan, we go through the website with all the different techniques. We then look at all important matters for SEO, both on the website itself (on-page) and external factors (off-page).

Visibility with SEO

SEO-scan aspects

The SEO scan is divided into four different parts. The first part is the technical side. Second, we look at the content. Finally, on- and off-page factors are also part of the SEO analysis.


We look at the number of pages that are present on the website and how they are indexed by the search engines. We check things like the XML-Sitemap and Robots.txt of the website. We look at how your website performs, especially after the last Google updates. A good technique often means a good experience for the user. Which is what it is all about.


We research the different pages to see whether the content actually matches the most important keywords to be found upon. Are you making the most out of all the opportunities out there? Or are you actually only visible at a very small number of (not even relevant) keywords? And all this compared to the competition.

On & Off-page

On-page SEO focuses on all SEO activities that take place on the website itself. Very much controllable by the owner of the page. So a no-brainer not to make the most out of them. Off-page has to do with the authority of your website, especially link building has an influence on this.


Authority has everything to do with the fact whether others “think” you are an authority on your topic. This is done by linking to one of your pages. Internal links are also important for your authority. So both your position on internal and external links will be part of our SEO-scan.

Different types of SEO-scans

You can either first try out some of our findings, or get us up to speed right away. Whatever suits you!

Quick Scan

The quick scan gives you an indication of how your website is doing. Completely free and without obligation. We will advise you on which parts need more attention so as not to fall behind.


Basic Scan

Full manual SEO scan of the entire website and all off-page parts. The price includes an introductory meeting and meeting in which we will explain the entire scan and action points.

€575 (Ex VAT)

Custom Scan

Does your request concern multiple domains, specific technical questions or other advanced SEO issues? Please contact us and we will make a custom plan.

On request

Something for you?

In case you are curious to know more about us, we are very much looking forward to meeting you either via phone, video or in person. Fill out the contact form, then we will get back to you with more details.

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    Why work with Hide and Seek?

    Hide and Seek is an expert online advertising agency with a lot of experience in SEO. Optimizing your website is not something that can be learned from a theory book. It is a continuous process of trial and error, innovation and testing. That is what we do. We keep going until we know what works best in each situation.

    In addition, we see ourselves as one team with our customers, with the same objectives. We are personal, involve our customer closely in communication and ensure that we are completely transparent in what we do. Not only do we simply do what our customers ask, we always take a few steps back. In this way we ensure that the plan is exactly what the customer wants from us.

    Finally, we are also different. There is no such thing as a ‘normal’. We don’t have strict times, deadlines or any way of communicating. We adhere to our own standard and that of the customer. All our customers are different and so are we. We find a way of working together that works best for both the customer and ourselves.

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