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Reporting and dashboards

Most businesses make decisions based on data. Very important therefore is that the data is perceived in the correct way. Data visualisation can help a lot, in transforming raw data into clear data insights. To make it easier for businesses to make decisions based on data we use intuitive dashboards, with relevant and structured data visualised around your key KPI’s.

At Hide and Seek we use Data Studio as our dashboard tool. This is an easy drag and drop tool that can connect most advertising channels, to give real-time data insights via easy-to-follow data visualisation. You can just copy and paste, click and change some colors, insert some dynamic controls and there is another table with again different insights to evaluate how you are doing. Data Studio makes data accessible and useful. This way you can easily find the insights on which you can base important organisational decisions.

Within the dashboards we can set up different pages for the different advertising channels, have separate pages to check the quality and speed of landing pages, we can connect Search Console to get the latest updates on keyword rankings, check on what sources are generating the most conversions, and so on and so on. Data Studio has pre-built data connections, so it can pull the raw data from all the different sources into the metrics and dimensions you need to create insightful dashboards. In just a matter of minutes.


dynamic and interactive dashboards.


Data Studio gives you the ability to create totally customisable dashboards.


or ‘combine’ multiple data sources into one single chart or graph.

When we work on campaigns we always set up a dashboard right away. In the dashboard we can combine all the different data sources, that we need to be able to evaluate best what we are doing and what is happening on the website. We will share the dashboard with the advertiser, therefore all information is easily accessible. In case you prefer, we can also allow you to make changes yourself, for you to make the dashboard to your liking.

Next to these real time dashboards we can provide you with monthly reports, to also explain the background behind all the visualised data. We believe that when we are transparent in what we do, and what happens on your website, we can have a better conversation and therefore work better together and be more effective.