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Pinterest is the place to get inspired about the latest lifestyle trends, for your house, your office, your garden, for smaller and for bigger (life) events. At those times, that you just quickly want to have a sneak peek into the houses, offices or parties of others, you just check Pinterest to get a whole lot of new ideas. Pinterest has over 150 million global monthly users, that are on the platform to discover and get inspiration. Pinterest offers more than 100 billion creative ideas around food, style, beauty, home and more.

Pinterest offers a range of different ad formats, that should be picked base on your business’ marketing objectives. The basic Pinterest ad format is the Promoted Pin. It looks like a standard Pin, but by promoting it you extend your reach across the platform. Promoted Video Pins are visible when people are searching on Pinterest. Pinterest also has the carousel format, that can contain multiple images. And lastly, it has Promoted App Pins, to discover and download apps directly, without having to leave Pinterest.


of Pinterest users are female.

75+ bn

creative ideas can be found on Pinterest.


have made a purchase after seeing a Promoted Pin.

Pinterest’s ads, Promoted Pins, are only available to businesses in Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, New Zealand, UK, and the US. It is therefore still not available to businesses in The Netherlands. France was the last country added to the list and is the first non-English country. So hopefully soon more non-English countries will be added too, as we believe that Pinterest can be very interesting for creating brand awareness, engagement, and traffic.

For advertisers in Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, New Zealand, UK, and the US, we are very happy to help you out to increase your reach via Pinterest Advertising. For advertisers in all other countries, we are keeping an eye on Pinterest’s’ advertising developments. So, as soon as the option to advertise is available, we will let you know when it is interesting for you to reach your audience via this platform with so many interesting and creative ideas.