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As Google would say; ‘we live in a mobile-first world’. A long time ago, websites were designed for desktops and possibly translated to mobile, most of the times much later. Nowadays, if websites are not mobile proof, you might as well not make a website at all.

Mobile means that you can be always-on. You can reach your audience wherever they are, every hour of the day with custom-made creatives. Mobile is very interesting for reaching a younger crowd. As millennials were the mobile pioneers, teens are the mobile natives. Across the globe, today’s teens get their first smartphone at the age of 12. They spend a lot of time on their mobile watching videos, using messaging apps and social networks. Compared to other age groups, teens are most likely to use smartphones to make online purchases.

Mobile and in-app advertising is very interesting for branding, reach and for generating app downloads. Even though we see a change towards more mobile purchases, many visitors still use mobile mostly for orientation and information. Often the mobile visitor is not yet ready to order or convert. A big advantage is that mobile advertising still is more attractive when looking at the lower cost per impression (CPM). This lower cost is a result of the enormous inventory on mobile and relatively lower amount of advertisers, competition.


users spend on average 69% of their media time on smartphones.


apps account for 89% of mobile media time, the other 11% of the time users spend on mobile websites.


of users grab their smartphone immediately after waking up.

Are you interested in making mobile part of your campaign setup? Then, together with you, we can work out how best we can reach your mobile audience. Through the use of creative content and good targeting, we can generate more mobile reach, traffic, app downloads, and also build an engaging relationship with your mobile audience.

Together we will come up with a campaign structure that fits your company’s objective best. When the campaigns are live we will monitor and optimise these continuously. We will provide you with intelligible dashboards and insightful reports, adjusted to the level of detail you demand. This way all our activities and campaign results are fully transparent. Next to these real-time insights, there is always enough time for evaluation and communication, in the way you prefer.

As we are the experts, we will always stay on top of our game. Not only looking continuously at your campaigns but also to what is happening in the market and keeping an eye on new digital innovations. This way we will make sure you are always a first mover in order to beat the competition.