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For most countries, LinkedIn is the B2B channel. This is where business contacts are connected and share industry news and updates. It is the platform where people check for new business and job opportunities. And therefore, the channel to pick when you aim for a business audience and/or are looking to recruit new business professionals.

Over the last years, there have been many updates for LinkedIn Advertising. We have seen the arrival of new (dynamic) ad formats, an updated campaign manager, and important the LinkedIn Insight pixel. Allowing advertisers to track the performance of their campaigns and also to use remarketing as a targeting technique to again engage with users that have visited your website.

The targeting techniques within LinkedIn are all based on professional details of the user, in combination with certain geography, gender, and age. A few of the targeting options within LinkedIn are industry, job title, education end company name. Allowing you to really finetune the audience you would like to reach. Even though the costs per click (CPC) are relatively higher than most other platforms, the relevance of the audience makes advertising via LinkedIn very effective.

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the Dutch are the largest group of users on Linkedin compared to other European countries.


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Also for LinkedIn it is important to have good creatives available. Especially, when you are aiming to reach new potential customers, it is important to have the right tone of voice and information, to give your audience the right hook to click. Together with you, we will make sure this content fits the audience and aim of the campaigns.

We will come up with a campaign structure. Then when the campaigns are live, we will monitor and optimise them continuously. We will provide you with intelligible dashboards and insightful reports, adjusted to the level of detail you demand. This way all our activities and campaign results are fully transparent. Next to these real-time insights, there is always enough time for evaluation and communication, in the way you prefer.

As we are the LinkedIn experts, we will always stay on top of our game. Not only looking continuously at your campaigns but also to what is happening in the market and keeping an eye on new digital innovations. This way we will make sure you are always a first mover in order to beat the competition.