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Instagram is the platform for the younger target group. In the Netherlands, more than 4 million people make use of Instagram, and half of them use the application daily. Instagram is the channel where you inspire, inform and activate the target group with visuals. Although Instagram is mainly used for branding purposes, it also provides interesting options to generate conversions.

Advertising on Instagram works through the same ad manager as Facebook Ads. The targeting options are therefore the same. The difference between the two is the type of ad formats available. But here too we see that almost all Facebook formats can now also be used on Instagram.

Good footage is crucial for Instagram ads to ensure the right messaging and image identity matching your brand. You can be clever in managing your product tags, highlighting your products in addition to beautiful inspiring images.


of Instagram users are between 18 and 29 years old.

3 out of 4

Instagram users visit a company’s website after seeing an ad


active Instagram Story-viewers every day.

Do you think you can use some help in ensuring your message comes across correctly to your relevant target group? Then we can most definitely help you set up Instagram Ads. Through the use of creative content and good targeting, we can increase brand awareness, generate more traffic, better interaction with your target group and more sales.

In addition to setting up the Instagram Campaigns, we also support you in choosing the right content. It is important to mention here we do not make content, but because of our extensive experience we can provide you with the best advice. We know that choosing the right content is difficult, but by consulting the data behind the images we can test which image works best. This way we can ensure that only the best performing ads are shown.

We are Instagram experts. We will always stay on top of our game and make sure we are fully aware of the latest developments. Not only by looking continuously at your campaigns and posts but also to observe all-new digital innovations. This way we will make sure you are always a first mover in order to beat the competition.

Would you like to read more about the latest Instagram developments, keep an eye on our blog. Or if you feel like discussing this over a cup of coffee, we will be happy to hear from you!