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Google Tag Manager makes life easier. In order to track all the different platforms and channels, you need to install a whole lot of code. Doing this is the wrong way, could potentially crash your website, or at least make it a lot slower. Another tedious thing is, that you often cannot just place code yourself on the website, without having to ask your developer. Who is often quite busy and/or charging for every time you ask.

The Google Tag Manager can be seen as a very tiny envelope that you just have to place one time on each page of your website. After this, you can just arrange all your pixels via the dashboard of the Google Tag Manager, without having to touch your website anymore. There won’t be the need again to place pixel by pixel. All of this can be arranged in this tiny envelope. Which is quick, reliable and for free.

When you have implemented the Google Tag Manager you can easily make every click on your website trackable. All these ‘clicks’ – and even hover overs – can be saved as triggers, that can be linked to tags – of all the different advertising channels – in order to measure the respective goals and conversions. With a little change in the data layer, you can make sure your e-commerce tracking is in place, allowing you to evaluate all your campaigns on reliable results.


GTM is fast as you can skip many steps in order to get tracking in place.

1 place

all your tags in one place, with easy templates and testing tools.


method to set up all different triggers that can be linked to all related tags.

We believe that Google Tag Manager is the tool to set up reliable tracking easily. Setting up the Google Tag Manager allows us to always be able to check your tracking independently. Whenever we use a new advertising channel, it will be the fastest and easiest way to ensure your campaigns will be evaluated in the correct way. Allowing us to make the right decisions for these campaigns.

We will check how your website is set up, and when needed, discuss with your developer what the best steps are for a clean implementation. We can then organize the Google Tag Manager account for you, making sure all your pixels are set up in an easy to manage and organised way.

As we are the experts on solid Google Tag Manager implementations, we will always stay on top of our game. Not only looking whether all tags are still in place, but also to what is happening in the market and keeping an eye on new digital innovations.