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If you have a website, you want to know who’s visiting; how old are they and what are their interests? Where do they come from, what language do they speak? Which pages work well, which ones don’t? What sources provide traffic to the website? And important, who are actually your converting visitors?

When you don’t have insights in who your visitors are and where they come from, you can make quite serious errors of judgment. Especially when you are advertising – and a budget is invested – it is a must to ensure you are fully informed. Only then you can be sure that where your budget is used, it will deliver the most results. We therefore always advise to use Google Analytics in order to gain complete insight.

Through the proper organisation of Google Analytics, you’re able to see which products are performing well, what the results are of the various paid and unpaid channels as well as determine what target groups yield the most, at the best price. If you want to make good decisions about the right pricing of your products and the best mix of (online) channels in a well-informed way, it is very important to properly set up Google Analytics.


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We can help to ensure that you have these insights to substantiate your strategic choices based on correct data. This way we can provide you with the complete ‘customer funnel’. By arranging this ‘customer funnel’ you will have an overview of all the steps between visitors entering the website and eventually buying something. This allows you to identify which steps in the funnel or individual pages need to be improved to increase conversion.

When we manage campaigns, we will – in addition to the data in the ad accounts – always consult Google Analytics. This gives us a thorough image of what campaign pages and channels perform best. This way we can decide together to direct traffic to certain pages. Depending on your objectives, we can also decide how to divide the budget to ensure the best return on the campaigns.

For the set-up of Google Analytics, we often make use of Google Tag Manager allowing to easily measure all events and set the right targets. Together we determine what needs to be measured so that we work towards the intended campaign results based on the set strategy.

If you would like to read more about the latest developments in Google Analytics, keep an eye on our blog. Or feel free to jump by for a coffee, we like to hear from you!