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If you want to broaden your reach with Search Ads and/or (advanced) Display and Video Ads via premium publishers, then Google Marketing Platform is a very interesting channel to use.

The Google Marketing Platform name is new. The platform consists of a combination of DoubleClick for Advertisers and Google Analytics 360. Also, a few new features have been added to this package. Making Google Marketing Platform the channel where you can design, plan, buy, measure and, optimise your digital media in one place.

The different parts of which DoubleClick consisted are still existing, however now all under a new name:

  • ‘DoubleClick Search’ is now named ‘Search Ads 360’
  • ‘DoubleClick Bid Manager’ is now named ‘Display & Video 360’
  • ‘DoubleClick Campaign Manager’ is now named ‘Campaign Manager’
  • And ‘DoubleClick Studio’ is now named ‘Studio’.

Next to ‘Search Ads 360’, ‘Display & Video 360’ and ‘Studio’ the platform consists of Analytics, Optimize, Surveys and Tag Manager.

Google Marketing Platform helps to realise more relevant and effective marketing, with a better focus on the privacy of the customer, giving more control to the customer around their own data.


was paid by Google to buy DoubleClick in 2007.


controls help you to make sure your brand ads meet your brand values.


integrations with exchanges, measurement solutions, and other technology providers are supported.

The big advantages of using Google Marketing Platform are; that you can realise smarter marketing faster, that you have more control and insights over your investments, that you have a better view of your audiences and that you can share data better within your team.

At Hide and Seek we can help you with the setup and usage of the different tools within Google Marketing Platform. Together we can decide where we see the biggest possibilities and how we can set up the tools for optimal usage and insights. In this process Hide and Seek can completely take over the implementation and optimisation, or supervise it.

Given that this usually involves a rather complex setup, our advice is to look for guidance here. If you want us to help, we would love to hear from you!