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A free SEO audit?

The online world is changing continuously. You, therefore, have to make sure that you adjust to the situation continuously too. Are you sure you are still in the best position for today’s challenges?

Interested in having an expert review by one of our specialists to be sure that your online situation is future proof? Our audits are free of cost and obligations, but full of insights and action items.

Four parts of our SEO scan.


With the SEO scan we start with an inventory, also known as a 0 measurement. We look at the amount of pages that are present on the website and how they are indexed by the search engines. We also compare this data with your main competitors. In addition, we also look at things such as the XML-Sitemap and Robots.txt of the website. After this indexation, we look at the Google Analytics traffic and whether updates in the Google algorithm have had an influence on the number of visitors.


Content is an important part for a good SEO ranking and therefore also of the SEO scan. Here we zoom in on different pages. We also look at the navigation of the website and whether it is user-friendly. We also do a keyword research, it is important to know whether you are found for the keywords you want to be found for. We also look at whether you are missing opportunities that you should really take up.

On Page

On-page SEO focuses on all SEO activities that take place on the website itself. These are therefore important parts that the owner of the website has direct control over. Off-page has to do with the authority of your website, especially link building has an influence on this.


Authority overflows with the other parts. If you are authoritative, others will say about your website that your website is recommended and trustworthy. They do this by posting a link to you. This can be a link to a service, a blog or your main page, but is certainly not limited to these 3 possibilities. Your internal links are also included and are certainly not forgotten in the scan.

The SEO audit process

Audit Process: Intro Call

Intro Call

First, we will schedule a call to get more information about you organisational, the current marketing setup, your audiences and objectives and details around your products and/or services. 

Audit Process: Access & Audit

Access & Audit

When we have access to the necessary accounts our experts will start the deep dive. Internally we will discuss the findings and work on a presentation with our findings and suggestions.

Audit Process: Insights Sharing

Insights Sharing

During a (video) call or meeting we will discuss all findings in an easy to grasp manner. Giving you suggestions around where we see the highest to lowest priority. From low to high hanging fruits.

Audit Process: Next Steps

Follow Up?

In case you, after the first three steps, believe you also prefer to take the next steps. Then we will work out different scenarios on what our future together could look like. 

Interested in a free audit?

Would you want to have a second opinion about your online situation? Would you want to know whether there might be opportunities that you are missing today? Then, fill out the form and we will get back to you very soon.

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