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Nieuwe Kunst


Willie Wartaal, a member of the Netherlands’ best-known rap formation De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, released his first solo project in 2020, called Enkelbangers. In collaboration with Museum Voorlinden, it is already time for his second album, called Nieuwe Kunst, at the beginning of 2021.

Willie Wartaal presents his new album with an interesting mix of playful sketches, innovative music, and unique sets. So a lot of content. And you want to show that to a broad, interested audience.

Then Hide and Seek came into the picture. With roots deep in the culture scene, the perfect partner to make an impact on Willie Wartaal’s online channels through balanced campaigns – Facebook and Google.

The objective for this campaign was to achieve views on YouTube and engagement campaigns on Facebook. A secondary side effect is strengthening Willie Wartaal’s brand and increasing the streaming numbers.


Nieuwe Kunst


Willie Wartaal

What We Did

Support the launch of the album and releases.

Resulting in

Steady social reach, views and streams.

A balanced campaign, resulting in relevant views, engagement and awareness.

This campaign focused on detailed target group targeting and constant monitoring of ad placements. In this way, relevant and especially qualitative views could be generated for a relatively low CPV, so that the available budget was used optimally. It is clear to see which videos have been advertised, partly due to the higher streaming numbers and positive comments. This most likely generated a flywheel effect, which fueled streaming on other platforms.

In addition to effectively managing the campaigns, Hide and Seek also played an advisory role in creating the right content, as the effectiveness of the campaigns is closely related to this. The advertisements reached a large group who otherwise might not have discovered the album. That is why as an artist it pays to bet on an online campaign. Hide and Seek looks back on a beautiful, musical collaboration and is ready for the next artistic expression of WiWa!

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