Toffler Club & Festival



In 2011, Toffler was opened in an old tunnel in the heart of the central business district of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The club has already had many important (techno) hosts; DJs such as Seth Troxler, Marco Carola, Nic Fanciulli, Jamie Jones, Maya Jane Coles, Livio & Roby and more. Every weekend the club is full from Thursday to Friday.

In addition to these club nights, the Toffler team also organizes two festivals. Toffler Festival is organized every year at the beginning of the summer in a beautiful park in the middle of Rotterdam. And Toffler Indoor takes place at the beginning of winter in a very cool submarine shed.

Where the club focuses on a younger techno audience, the festivals are also aimed at a somewhat older audience. Whoever lives in Rotterdam and the surrounding area and loves techno knows how to find the Toffler events.

Year round, we are working together with the very efficient Toffler team on the campaigns of their different events. The great thing about working with Toffler is that all know Toffler in and out, and therefore really know how to convey the right message across their different audiences. Of course, the line up is of great importance for attracting the audiences. But luckily enough, the line up never is a big problem.


Toffler Festival, Toffler Indoor and Toffler Club.



What We Did

Teaming up perfectly.

Resulting in

Sold out events at the right cost.

Together we make sure that we sell out the tickets, at the right cost.

For each event we start off with a detailed content plan, so both sides know exactly what to expect and when. Then the production starts with very frequent – informative, inspirational and actionable – communication. Together we make sure that we sell out the tickets, at the right cost. Making sure that each time again the events are filled with people that cannot wait to party all night long.


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