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The first Strong Viking obstacle run was organized in 2013 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. A group of people with backgrounds in extreme sports and the military wanted to create something new and unique. The concept of Strong Viking is based on Viking history: these men were known to be Strong, Tough and Adventurous and shared a great sense of Brotherhood. These are exactly the elements that are central to the vision of the organization. The goal of Strong Viking is to push the participants to the limits of their abilities so that they will become stronger and healthier in their day-to-day lives.

Now, 7 years later, Strong Viking has been chosen as the ‘Best Obstacle Run of The Netherlands’ for the 6th year in a row. Every year they are organizing more events and are growing in participant numbers, also across borders in Belgium and Germany. Since 2017 Hide and Seek has been a proud partner of Strong Viking, making sure that together we sell as many tickets per event as possible.

The way we do this is to focus on increasing awareness for the brand year-round. As the event season goes along, we also generate awareness for individual events. Together with Strong Viking, we develop content- and campaign strategies and we continually optimize these. We manage campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google Search, and are currently expanding our efforts on YouTube and the Display Network. Further down the funnel, we also manage conversion campaigns to sell as many tickets as we can. We make sure to target people already interested in sports, but with the new, shorter Strong Viking challenge of 4km, everybody can be a Viking! Expanding our targeting and channels has already resulted in a sale record last January, with the season of 2020 just underway.


Strong Viking 2017 – 2020


Strong Viking

What We Did

Introducing everyone to Strong Viking

Resulting in

A pre-sale record for the 2020 event season.

The Strong Viking season has started with a pre-sale record of 45.000 tickets for 2020!

Due to a long term campaign strategy and focus on increasing brand awareness, Strong Viking has had a record-breaking start with the ticket sales of the 2020 event season. In the last months of 2019 and January 2020, already 45.000 tickets have been sold as a result of smart campaigning on various channels. We intend to keep up the pace and make sure that our goal of 30% growth in ticket sales will be smashed.


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