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Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam



The Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam located in the “9 Streets” area pays tribute to the rich history of the Red Wing Shoes brand. The brand was launched in 1905 by Charles Beckman who spotted a growing demand for sturdy work boots. The Red Wing Shoe Store Amsterdam’s collection consists of a wide range of Red Wing Shoes from the Heritage collection, shoe maintenance products, bags, apparel, belts, hats as well as other accessories.

Since 2015, Hide and seek is a close partner of the great team behind Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam. We are and have been working closely together to introduce the values and products of Red Wing Heritage to the Dutch audience by selling as many shoes and related products as possible. This is being achieved by solid Google Ads campaigns and paid social campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Starting from developing a good content strategy to implementing and optimizing the campaigns on a frequent basis.


Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam 2015-2020


Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam

What We Did

Strategic growth partner & Setting up full funnel online campaigns. Main goal is increasing Red Wing Amsterdam’s sales throughout Europe.

Resulting in

Growth in both the fanbase and revenue.

Resulting not only in a growth in the fanbase but also a steady growth in revenue.

Over the years Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam has seen a clear growth in engagement on their platforms, this way expanding and solidifying the community around the strong Red Wing Shoes brand. Together, we have managed to deliver the best – branding, engaging and converting – message by choosing the formats that fit the Red Wing Shoes audiences. Resulting not only in a growth in the fanbase but also a steady growth in revenue.


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