First held in 2015, Parookaville now is Germany’s biggest electronic music festival with over 85,000 visitors from over 40 different countries and 300 performing artists. Parookaville is not just an ordinary festival, but, as the name suggests, it is a village or city that comes alive once a year and is named after the city’s fictional founder Bill Parooka. The city beholds, just like a real city, a post office, a church, a jail, a swimming pool, a police station, carnival attractions and so much more. Having grown significantly over the years, Parookaville is firmly establishing itself as a contender among the biggest electronic music festivals in Europe.

Since 2018, Hide and Seek is the proud partner for Paraookaville’s online advertising and marketing. We have managed online campaigns for mulitiple goals in several channels. Google Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube. By working closely together we have managed to create the best – branding, engaging and converting – messages via the most suitable format. Before, during and after the event. Our geographical distance has never been a problem, as we can communicate as fast and efficient as with any other local partner, also because of the use of sharable live-insight dashboards. We work as a close team and share our successes together!


Parookaville 2018 – 2020


Parookaville (DE)

What We Did

Getting people in and outside of Germany to know about this great festival.

Resulting in

70% more conversions from new geographical regions.

We sold more tickets than ever before, to a point the location cannot hold any more people.

For the 2019 our goal was two-fold. First of all, sell as many tickets as possible as quickly as possible. Secondly, drive an international awareness for Parookaville in order to sell more tickets outside of the North Rhine-Westphalia in the long term. We achieved both our short-term goals. We sold more tickets than ever before to a point the location cannot hold any more people. Also, 40% of the total impressions were generated outside of Germany, reaching users in 10 different countries. Ticket sales outside of the North Rhine-Westphalia region already increased this year by more than 70%.

The campaigns have had a massive business impact. 2019 therefore was a great success. For 2020, we are now working with new ambitious goals, aiming again for the best results!


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