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Nxt Museum is the first museum in the Netherlands dedicated to New Media Art. The museum opened its doors in August 2020, amid the Covid-19 pandemic. This bold move fits Nxt perfectly as it aims to be the ultimate next-generation museum, moving away from traditional art set-ups and speaking to an audience visiting nightclubs more often than art galleries. As tickets are exclusively sold online, Nxt Museum decided to team up with Hide and Seek due to our experience in the cultural industry. For this brand new museum, our goal was not only to sell tickets but also to generate awareness for the museums’ brand and product offering (New Media Art).

To do so, we implemented a multi-channel strategy with carefully selected channels and integrated these online activities with Nxt’s offline awareness campaigns. We implemented a targeting strategy based on client personas, and used different types of ads and messaging to reach each of them with the most relevant message. Although we were limited due to Covid-19 regulations, we have continuously adjusted and made sure that our campaigns were optimally set up to fit whatever the situation at the moment was. Whether this included changes in keyword-, geographical- or theme-targeting, we have made sure to always be relevant for our audience.


Nxt Museum opening, August 2020


Nxt Museum

What We Did

An integrated marketing mix.

Resulting in

A strong and credible brand in only 3 months. Ticket revenue results exceeding all expectations.

A strong and credible museum brand, with impressive revenue and visitor numbers

By carefully selecting our campaign channels, smart campaigning with different ad types, and speaking to a broad variety of target audiences, we have launched the museum with great success. Ticket sale numbers via online campaigns have exceeded all expectations. We have managed to launch a strong and credible museum brand, advocating a completely new product offering (New Media Art). Nxt Museum’s organic following has been growing at a rapid pace, indicating an already large group of fans. And this is only the beginning as all of this was achieved in merely 3 months’ time. The potential for Nxt Museum is enormous, and we can’t wait to fully explore the possibilities together.

Nxt Museum