Museum Kranenburgh

Museum Kranenburgh



Museum Kranenburgh is an art museum that curates a large selection of art from 1900 until the present day. The museum has artworks from Dutch artists like Leo Gestel, Jan Sluijters, Charley Toorop and Gustave de Smet. Kranenburgh is located in Bergen in a villa near the dunes and the beach. The museum opened in 1993 and is since grown to an important museum in the Dutch cultural scene.

Before we got Kranenburgh as a client, the museum did not yet advertise online. Because the museum is a foundation, we managed to apply the museum to the Google Grants program. The Google Grants program offered us a grant of a maximum of $10,000 of advertising spent per month. With this grant, we managed to increase the traffic to the website from the relevant audience. Not only did we attract many new visitors on relevant non-brand keywords, we also managed to gain a large increase in visitors from the surrounding countries. For example, each year a lot of German people visit the beach area of The Netherlands, we managed to target this audience and show them ads for the museum.


Kranenburgh 2017 โ€“ 2019


Museum Kranenburgh

What We Did

Increasing the number of relevant website visitors via Google Grants campaigns

Resulting in

Providing a grant of $10K Google Search budget and reaching a new relevant target group

Our grant application provided the museum with an additional $10.000 Google advertising budget, without additional costs for the museum.

With the gained grant, we managed to attract new visitors to the museum, not only from The Netherlands, but also from the surrounding countries.


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