Dancetour is a free music festival. It is held in seven different cities throughout the Netherlands. The target audience is young people between 16-24 years old. In total, Dancetour attracts 100.000 visitors.

Dancetour was founded 15 years ago, the meaning has to attract a new, young, audience every few years. We have to make sure the festival keeps on being popular, both for the existing audience and our new, younger, audience. The main difference between Dancetour and most other festivals is that there is no ticket sale, as it is a free event. This means we have to find other ways to track if and how many people are coming. Dancetour does have a few large sponsors. We tried to find a way where we could engage with our target audience, that is interesting to our sponsors, and that could also give us a sense of how many people are engaging, and with that would come to the event.

We created this triangle between Dancetour, sponsor, and us as an agency, where we could all benefit from the data we collected. Dancetour to get a send of how many people are coming to the event, sponsor to engage with a younger audience in the Netherlands, also before the event takes place, and we to fuel and boost our campaigns.


Dancetour 2019



What We Did

Make young people enthousiastic to come to this free event throughout the Netherlands

Resulting in

A record-breaking 100.000 visitors

Happy event organizer, happy sponsor, happy agency

“We came up with different games and other ways to engage with our target audience. As the prizes would only make sense if one would come to the festival, we could tell from the number of interactions how many people were coming to the festivals. At the same time, we collected data to fuel, boost and optimize our campaigns. Without a ticket sale, this is the best possible data you can get. Also, we have a happy sponsor, as these sponsors could also engage with the target audience long before the event, and not just at the festival area what is usually the case.

About 1/3 who visited our website interacted with our games. A staggering 80% who interacted filled in their data. We ended up with a record-breaking 100.000 visitors in 2019. All festivals were packed, some had to close the gates. We generated over 20 million impressions, also organically, having over 30.000 shares on social media during the events. Overall, a great success of event series!”


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