Overview is a new platform that is still in the making. The aim of this platform is to make culture accessible to everyone and inspire people to connect through culture. At the user can find all the information about theatre, music, film, museums, festivals and kids programs in the location, by genre and date of choice. The users can find exactly what fits to their needs and mood. On the other hand, gives the venues an easy to use platform to get access to the users that are searching for culture around them. And extra, by giving clear and understandable information about shows, has the goal to make culture more conceivable for a bigger crowd.

With our experience in festivals, ticketing, music and museums we seemed the perfect partner for helping on different areas; strategy, tech and campaigns. We have been part of strategic brainstormsessions around what the real value is for the users – information, organization, conversion – and what this means for the usability of the website. We have taken a thorough look at the SEO-setup – technique, structure and content – of the website and made sure tracking was in place. Not only for tracking their own conversions, but also the conversions on websites of partners. And slowly we are testing with the first online advertising campaigns – mainly Google Search Ads. When the final bits are pieces are fitting together, then we can really let everyone know about this great plarform.


Starting up


What We Did

Strategy, Tech and Campaigns

Resulting in

Testing, improving, testing and improving.

Making culture accessible to a wider audience. Of course we want to help with that!

Working with a startup such as CT is very dynamic. Decisions are made, but can easily be exchanged for even better and bigger ideas. That means a lot of flexibility and speed is needed from our side. And that is precisely what we are very good at.

Apart from the fact that it is great fun to work with this young, ambitious team, the objective of is also entirely in the direction that we are going. Making culture accessible to a wider audience. Of course we want to help with that!


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