Cinetree is an on-demand video platform founded by actress and entrepreneur Hanna Verboom. Every month, a team of curators select 15 movies that Cinetree subscribers are able to watch on the platform. The main advantages that Cinetree has over its competitors, is that the movie offering is manually curated by well-known experts within the cinematic and cultural scene. This gives the user a whole new experience compared to algorithm suggestions, which competitors often use.

For Cinetree we manage campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook Ads. The main objective for these campaigns is to gain new subscribers. In addition to this, it is also possible to rent movies on demand, which is our second objective for the campaigns.

To attract new subscribers, we first defined the target audience of the service. After which we, together with Cinetree, created content that we could use for specific movie genres and audiences. This content, we used to create brand awareness for Cinetree, and create an interest in the brand and services by the audience.
After the first stages of the campaigns, we ran ads focussed on conversions. In these ads, we highlighted a special offer and trial subscription, which resulted in new subscribers.
In addition to these campaigns, we also ran campaigns focussed on selling single on-demand movies. These campaigns ran on multiple platforms, such as Google Search, Facebook and Instagram.


Cinetree 2018 โ€“ 2020



What We Did

Increase the popularity of the films with relevant audiences via advertising campaigns & SEO

Resulting in

Attracting new subscriptions and On Demand film sales.

For Cinetree we were able to grow their subscription base with a decrease in cost per new subscription.

The campaigns we ran for Cinetree resulted in an increase in new subscribers and also an increase in the video-on-demand transactions. Overall we saw that we were able to decrease the cost per conversion in the campaign period.


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