Cinemien is an independent, all-rights film distributor who has been combining the love for film and good nose for picking the right talent, for over the past 40 years. They have been releasing films in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, which can be seen in the cinema, on DVD, Video on Demand and television. The Biggest little Farm, Das Leben der Anderen, System Crasher (Germany’s submission for the Oscars), La Grande Bellezza and Little Joe are just a glance of the Cinemien films.

For two years, Hide and Seek is the proud partner for Cinemien’s online advertising and marketing. Together we make sure that the right film audiences are aware of the beautiful films Cinemien brings to the Dutch and Belgium Cinemas. We work closely together to make sure we use the right channels, with the most engaging in order to attract those audiences that love each specific movie.


Cinemien NL & BE, AKA Agency


Cinemien NL & BE

What We Did

Connecting a new target group with the new Cinemien movies

Resulting in

More people to watch the beautiful Cinemien movies.

Bringing as many visitors to the theatres, time after time.

Each movie is different and therefore needs a customized approach, that we decide on together with Cinemien. While working towards the release date, we create the best branding and engaging messages to reach the relevant crowds. Then, when movies are shown in the cinemas, we make sure that the audiences know where they can watch the movies, to make sure we generate as many visitors as possible. This way we try to bring as many visitors to the theatres, time after time.


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