Founded in 2013 by a mixture of entrepreneurs and professional footballers — including Juul Manders, Ralph de Geus, and Demy de Zeeuw — the Netherlands-based BALR is a high-end luxury brand with a complete range of clothing and travel accessories inspired by the attitude, tastes and lifestyles of professional athletes.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the most important moments in annual marketing since a large part of the annual turnover depends on this campaigning period. BALR gave a 25% discount on almost all products during this weekend. That is a hugely appreciated offer for the fixed BALR fanbase, which is reflected in the larger sales year after year.

The main objective of the campaign was to maximize sales during this sale period and growth compared to the previous year. By working closely together with BALR as one team to ensure the perfect preparation and implementation, we have succeeded in tackling both challenges and ensuring even more extreme sales success. The Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns have broken all sales records and contributed enormously to the growth in total annual sales.


Black Friday & Cyber Monday



What We Did

Preparing for a tremendous Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Resulting in

Breaking sales records, three times.

BALR. broke their sales records by three times during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The campaigns have had such a massive business impact that Facebook dedicated a best practice case on its own platform. Read more about this case.

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