Amsterdam Museum

Amsterdam Museum



Amsterdam Museum is a museum all about Amsterdam. It shows the history of the city, highlights key moments of its present-day and gives a glimpse into the future of Amsterdam. The museum is located in an impressive and old building in the center of Amsterdam. The building used to be a monastery which was established in 1578.

Each year Amsterdam Museum has several large and new exhibitions. Since 2019 we manage the online campaigns for the new exhibitions on Google Ads and Facebook Ads. The main objective for these campaigns is to attract a new audience to the museum and increase brand awareness for both the museum and the current exhibitions.
In addition to this, the museum also hosts monthly evening events with workshops, talks, music, drinks and more. For these events we set up Facebook Ad campaigns, to target a variety of audiences that be interested in the various topics of the specific evenings.


Amsterdam museum 2019-2020


Amsterdam Museum

What We Did

Online Advertising Campaigns for new exibithions and special events.

Resulting in

Attracting new and diverse audiences to the exhibitions and evening program of the museum.

The online ticketsales of the museum increased and the newly launced evening program is a succes

With the Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns we managed to attract a relevant audiences for all the diverse topics of the exibithions and events. In addition to this we managed to create more revenue in from the online ticket sales, as we focus the campaigns on buying the tickets online in advance.


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