Amsterdam Lookout

Amsterdam Lookout



A’DAM LOOKOUT is an observation deck with an unrivaled panoramic view of Amsterdam. You’ll see the city’s historic city center, its pulsating port, the unique Dutch polder landscape and you’ll spot the famous canals which belong to the UNESCO world heritage list. Complementing the experience is a state-of-the-art interactive exhibition about Amsterdam’s history and culture. A’DAM LOOKOUT is located on top of the A’DAM Tower North of the Amsterdam Central Station. A landmark you can’t possibly overlook.

We are very honored to be the official online marketing partner of A’DAM LOOKOUT, since the first -over the edge- swing on top of the A’DAM Tower opened in 2016. Our online campaign objective is to increase the number of visitors for A’DAM LOOKOUT. We achieve through Google Ads (Search, Display, and YouTube). But we also give strategic advice for other channels and brainstorm on crazy ideas to improve the A’DAM LOOKOUT experience.

We work closely together with the A’DAM Lookout team to achieve the goals on each platform. The great advantage of working with this amazing A’DAM Lookout team is the fact that we trust each other, we communicate very transparently and we celebrate together each time we achieve the objectives. We are one big team that works to achieve the same goal.


Amsterdam Lookout 2016-2020


Amsterdam Lookout

What We Did

Attracting new visitors via Google Search, Display and YouTube

Resulting in

Increasing the number of visitors, every year again

A’DAM LOOKOUT keeps crushing visitors records year by year.

Together with A’DAM Lookout, we set objectives for 2019. We got the responsibility to convert the higher ad budget in a higher ROAS and a higher number of visitors. We can say, 2019 was again a very successful year. Due to close cooperation, monthly meetings and our expertise, the ROAS rose with 80% and the number of visitors rose also extremely. The targets for 2020 are made and the challenge is even greater, but we are excited and we are doing everything we can to achieve these ambitious goals.

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