SEO Specialist

We are looking for an SEO Specialist for our offices in the north of Amsterdam. If you want to work in a relaxed environment with a dynamic team of online specialists, learn about new developments in the online landscape and have the freedom to apply new knowledge to an exciting portfolio; then see if this profile suits you because if it does, Hide and Seek is the place for you!

Do you want to work somewhere where you can be yourself and where you can do what you are good at? If so, email us your resume and cover letter (important) to info@hide-and-seek.nil. 

We hope to hear from you soon! 

Online expert

Not only do you have a completed high-school/college education, you also have experience in managing online (SEO) campaigns. You are aware of the power online represents in today’s world. Terms like terms like CPC, CTR, and ROAS are second nature to you. You’ve had experience with organic referencing and you’d like to take the challenge even further so you can make the most of your work. You have an insatiable curiosity towards digital marketing and are always looking for ways to optimize your accounts.


Like us, you see the endless possibilities of optimizing a website to ensure more relevant traffic. You understand the importance of a good structure, technique and the right web content to ensure the success of your clients. You know better than anyone how to ensure website optimization and you know how to clearly communicate the concepts behind SEO to your clients. You like to be the go-to person for complicated questions and you like to tackle new challenges. 

Ahead of the game

There are many developments going on within how search engines operate and it is therefore crucial that you are up to date regarding the best ways to optimize. You keep an eye out for new opportunities to ensure that your clients will gain as much organic traffic as possible. You think outside the box and you are also aware of the different trends going on in the markets of the clients you represent so you can leverage them in your work. Each day, you think about new ways to improve organic traffic to ensure that clients stay ahead and achieve their goals. 


Website Analysis
Keyword research
Data analysis
Content analyses & updates
Conversion optimizer


Google Search Console
Bing Webmaster Tools
Screaming Frog
Keyword Tool
Google Analytics
Google Datastudio



SEO scans

A good SEO is of great importance for online (campaign) results. With regards to SEO, we start by doing a scan of our client’s current status. We map the structure, the content and the different tools used by the website. Based on this scan we come up with an action plan with the client. You will be responsible for making and discussing these SEO scans. You will have to articulate everything in a clear manner to the client so that they have a good understanding of why they need to make certain changes and know exactly what the next steps are. You know how to get the most out of an audit and look forward to making clients enthusiastic about working with you. 

SEO campaigns

The SEO scan reveals important points, in terms of structure but also in terms of content. We want to extend this by ensuring that the rankings improve on the most important, smartest and most inventive searches on a continual basis. You will have to constantly look for smart ways to improve with the consumer so that there is a clear improvement month after month. Websites and campaigns are never finished so if you love continuous improvement and fine tuning this position is for you. If your experience with running SEO campaigns is limited but plan on becoming the best in the game, still reach out to us. Interest goes a long way.

Creative strategies

You know from your experience what steps you need to take in order to improve a client’s SEO and get them more organic traffic. Not only do you understand the theory and the tools, you can also think in terms of applications. When you start working on a new account, the gears in your head immediately fire up and you know exactly what the next steps will be to ensure spectacular results. Essentially, You know what to do to evoque that “wow” out of a client because their success is also yours. You go above and beyond the basics and make their success as large as possible and always put a smile on their faces.


Hide and Seek is also known as “the loving advertising agency”. Personal relationships are an integral part of how we do business; whether it’s with our team or our clients. This means that you can always rely on personal attention and development. This is how the team is built. We work together, and together, we ensure that everyone is in their element. We don’t believe there’s only one way to do everything. We want everyone to feel the freedom to be who they are at work because we firmly believe this brings the best out of everyone.  

Knowledge and skills

We shape the best and most creative strategies for our accounts by continuously monitoring developments and testing new ideas. Doing this alone is almost impossible to do however this can easily be accomplished with a team. At Hide and Seek, a lot of attention is paid to sharing new knowledge and skills. There are weekly knowledge sessions and members have the ability to set and accomplish individual goals. Team members work together on award winning strategies and everyone has to share what they know about the platform they specialize in. This way, we remain on top of our game. 


There is no such thing as “normal” at Hide and Seek. We don’t stick to strict timelines, deadlines, or straightforward ways of communication. We let everyone hold themselves to their own standards… and those of our clients. Our accounts are all different and so are we. This means that you get a lot of responsibility and freedom at the same time. We like to play but we work hard. We are a long way from the “corporate standard”, and frankly, we hope to never get there because we value our flexibility, our youthfulness and our drive to keep on developing.

We make online ads fun and work!


We are a lovely team because we look out for each other. This way we know that everyone is happy. How do we do it? Through a lot of fun. We organize agency outings, regular drinks, interesting events and the occasional office party. Furthermore, we make sure to only work with nice clients so that we can keep a culture of cooperation and work in a pleasant environment. 


Beyond having fun, we work very hard as a team to provide our clients with the clever strategies their businesses deserve. This has already been shown through our agency winning two European Search awards; a nice recognition of the daily commitment we bring to all our accounts. 

Work with the best clients!

Apply directly!

If you believe you can fill one of our vacancies, then we would love to take a look at your resume and your cover letter. You can send all your material through the following form 

If you’d like to find out more about what we do, feel free to email or call us. You can also stop by our offices and we can grab a coffee!

We look forward to meeting you!

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