Our clients

Each customer has a different story and needs another approach. Products and services vary a lot. Only by getting to the roots of our customers we are able to find the best possible online strategy.

That’s why we always involve our customers, communicate closely with our customers and make sure we are fully transparent and cooperative in everything we do in order to always be the agency of choice.

Next to our own people, our customers are our biggest assets. We are very proud of the varied set of customers we work on.

Curious how we work? Or simply reach out and setup a meeting. 

365 Dagen Succesvol

The place for connection and personal growth thanks to the unique 365 Days Successful method.


Every month, Cinetree selects 15 films that touch, inspire or even activate you. Movies that last longer than they last.


TopJaloezieen.nl is a young company motivated to offer the best window decoration and sun protection with the best price.


Personal service and a professional approach. BDO is happy to help you look at businesses from a different angle.


Founded by professional football players, the brand has created a complete range of high-quality items that inspire to live the life of a BALR.


Forbo is a leading producer of floor coverings contributing to the lives of many different people.

NXT Museum

NXT Museum is the first museum in the Netherlands that focuses entirely on media art, with works of art from the present and the future.

Creative Lab Amsterdam

The Creative Lab Amsterdam collection consists of – among other things – eye-catching wallpaper, notebooks, and greeting cards with a unique signature.

Amsterdam Museum

The Amsterdam Museum is a unique museum dedicated to the past and present of the city of Amsterdam.

Strong Viking

Strong Viking organizes obstacle runs aiming to make you physically and mentally stronger, to push your personal limits and challenge your boundaries.


The A’DAM LOOKOUT is the new iconic viewing point in Amsterdam offering a spectacular 360° view of Amsterdam and the highest swing in Europe.

Milkshake Festival

The multi-genre festival with a clear message about respect, freedom, love, tolerance and fun. Every year in the Westerpark in Amsterdam.


In addition to the underground nightclub “TOFFLER”, an annual indoor and outdoor festival are organized annually in Rotterdam, with well-known names from the Techno scene.

Shutdown Festival

Shutdown Festival is the hardstyle festival in Austria. It takes place annually with all the hardstyle DJs on a spectacular location.

Breda Live

Given in the cosy city of Breda, this festival is a local summer event known for the Dutch atmosphere (“gezelligheid!”)


Dancetour stands for ‘Bringing people together’ and gives substance to this by organizing 7 free accessible dance events throughout the Netherlands.

Universal Music Group

Universal Music Group is the world’s leading music company owning names such as Lady Gaga, Sam Smith and Elton John.

Electric Love

Electric Love is an electronic dance music festival and is one of BC’s fastest growing, non-corporate, family-friendly music festivals.


ParookaVille quickly grew from an idea into a massive EDM celebration. As the story goes, mayor Bill Parooka left plans for a music utopia that resulted in this festival.


With everyone dressed in white, the crowd is immersed in a tidal wave of unity and euphoria at this World’s Leading Dance Event.


Together with festivals, DJs or artists, 10000 hours organises volunteer projects, a meaningful way of having fun together thriving on the sense of unity experienced at festivals.


Dance4Life aims to live in a world without HIV and AIDS using dance, music and rhythm to inspire young people and send a positive message about the importance of its prevention.


Kansfonds looks after the most vulnerable in our society. Kansfonds helps where no one else does or dares.


Hide and Seek is an integral part of BALR.'s decision making unit. BALR. values Hide and Seek's expertise in digital marketing as our partnership goes far beyond managing all of our paid digital channels. Next to introducing new features, channels and tools Hide and Seek consults us on our marketing tech roadmap, e-commerce development, influencer marketing and social channel growth. Hide and Seek truly helped us grow our business.

BALR.Thomas van Mastbergen

We are super proud to be able to engage Hide and Seek as our major business partner for online advertising and marketing. Hide and Seek knows how to create online campaigns for multiple goals in several channels - regardless of whether it's Google, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. The expert convinces through quality, very fast and good communication and a useful PAROOKAVILLE dashboard which enables a quick live-insight into our online-performance.


For Futureproof.community Hide and Seek has provided a significant added value in increasing the number of visitors thanks to their specific knowledge. Their proactive way of thinking and willingness to delve into complex matters to optimise the Google Ads for our community are high appreciated.

MVO NederlandIris Carolina de Gruijter

Targeted budgeting provides serious savings. Hide and Seek has up to date knowledge of business and is not only involved in realising, but also in designing the campaigns; good and friendly contact and able to switch well between the different target groups of our events. All this together makes Hide and Seek a valuable partner within our organisation.

BOD EventsMagchiel Koekkoek