Why is SEO important to reach your business goals?

By 20 December 2021 SEO
How SEO can help you achieve your goals

Many companies have questions about SEO. Is the time investment worth it? Should I keep investing money in something that doesn’t produce immediate results? The fact is, SEO delivers rock-solid results if done right. Below you can read why it is important for your company to have good SEO.

The purpose of SEO

Almost everyone has heard of Search Engine Optimization, but what it is, why you need it and how to implement it is not often told. What is involved in increasing your organic visitors? A brief overview of what SEO exactly is:

  • SEO ensures better findability in search engines, which can be achieved in different ways.
  • Organic visitors find your website based on relevance, so they are more likely to spend more time on your website and convert.
  • You create your website for your visitor, bearing in mind that a search engine also understands it and even likes it.Do you want to know what the SEO trends will be for 2022? Read more about it on our blog here!

How SEO can support your business goals

Business objectives are often broken down into even more objectives. Ahrefs has developed an SEO goal pyramid, where goals are placed into 3 categories.

Take an example from the football world. For example, one of your business objectives could be: we want to win at least 3 out of the 5 cups/competitions to be won by 2022.

How to complete the pyramid further:

  1. Create a result goal. This is the goal that you ultimately want to achieve in the predetermined period. We want to win this tournament.
  2. Divide your results objective into execution goals. These goals contribute to achieving the ultimate goal: the result. Here you view each goal as one of the matches in the tournament.
  3. Divide the execution goals into process goals. You must have 100% control over these goals. For each match, you are in control of who you line up and which lineup you are going to play.

Using this method you will have more control over your objective and it is likely that you will achieve this objective. Now let’s this into SEO context and use ourselves as an example:

  1. Result goal: Increase domain authority by 10 points in 6 months.
  2. Execution Goal: Get 50 new backlinks from unique domains in 6 months.
  3. Process goal: Send x-number of emails per month to qualitative possibilities.

Relevance to your target audience

Awareness! A term that gets thrown around, but still remains important. By appearing high in the search results, you will regularly be visible to your target group. This creates brand knowledge and ensures trust with your visitors. In addition to being more relevant to your target audience, search engines also recognize that you are relevant and will value you higher as a result.

SEO improves online and offline sales

A website is often a place of orientation for your visitors. An average webshop will be happy with a conversion rate of 4%. Even though many visitors will not make a purchase through your website, they have seen your brand and if you do it right they will also remember your brand. Visitors who are not converted can make a purchase in a physical store. This is extremely difficult to measure, but it is clear that your online presence and findability have an influence on your offline (store) sales.

Below you can read some interesting statistics about the influence of online on offline sales:

  • 45% of consumers in a store first read an online review before making a purchase (source).
  • 75% of searches for “near me” visit the store within 24 hours. 30% of those visits result in a purchase. (Search Engine Land)

The best approach for SEO

Do you also want an SEO-proof website? Or are you already well on your way, but do you want to know where the optimization opportunities lie? Please contact us and we will discuss what we can do for you.




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