Why you should consider Pinterest advertising


Is Pinterest advertising that new? Not really, but now that it’s been a year since it launched in the Netherlands we figured; why not shine a light on the many possibilities this platform has to offer? Pinterest really is one of a kind because it’s being used as a platform where users go to find inspiration, more than it is used as a social channel. In the Netherlands we have 3,5 million people from 20 till 39 years old using the platform.
In this blogpost we would like to introduce you to advertising on Pinterest: what are the possibilities and how could Pinterest advertising benefit you or your company?

A 101 on Pinterest advertising

Need inspiration? Pinterestis the perfect platform. There are countless themes, such as decoration, gardening, fashion, architecture, design, cars, memes, drawings, nature, food, cartoons and the list goes on and on. With more than 200 billion images, better known as ‘pins’, there’s always inspiration to find for anyone.

At the moment of writing, Pinterest has a stunning 300 million global users. This alone makes it a very interesting channel for advertisers. Not only to gain brand awareness, but also to gain video views, traffic, app-installations and drive conversions. Pinterest and Instagram are the branding channels for the home decoration industry, it is where people get inspired with new ideas (source: HomeDeco).

It’s possible for advertisers to place four different varieties of pins:

  • Regular sponsored pin, this format will feature your pin in the normal feed, category page and search results;
  • Sponsored video pins, which will keep people interested in your content for a longer amount of time, perfect for storytelling;
  • Sponsored app-pins, which are only shown on iOS- and Android devices;
  • Carousels, which is great for showcasing a line of products or different features or details (see photo).

Pinterest Carousel


Pinterest has a way of reaching your audience in the best way possible. It reaches them at the right time, at the right place. It offers the possibility to target custom audiences such as customer lists, remarketing lists, engagement lists and lookalikes. Also, Pinterest lets you target specific audiences by interests, demographics and search behaviour (used keywords). You’ll find more information about engagement and lead generation here

Who’s on Pinterest?

With currently more than 322 million active users worldwide, Pinterest is a relatively small player in the game. Facebook for instance, has 2,7 billion users. Nevertheless Pinterest has shown to be a channel to take into account when it comes to advertising. It has rapidly grown in the past years, especially under women. Research shows that 85% of women use Pinterest to plan life moments, compared to 44% on Instagram and 53% on Facebook. In the United States, Pinterest reaches 83% of women aged between 25-54. Considering that 80% of that group makes buying decisions in a household, you might want to consider the platform for advertising.

81% of Pinterest users are female, 93% of the total amount of pins are pinned by female users. Research also shows that women have more of an emotional bond with the platform, where men mainly use Pinterest for practical purposes.

Since 2017 the division of gender has shifted a little. In 2018, half of all new users was male. Fun fact: 40% of dads living in the US use Pinterest. 82% of them says they use Pinterest to find new products to buy.

The website is also popular with millennials, this group makes up half of monthly users. Six out of ten millennials use Pinterest to discover new products and millenials who use Pinterest on average spend 17% more than millenials who do not use Pinterest.

Why should I advertise on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a unique social medium. People use the channel to save useful ideas, products and content. With that in mind; Pinterest is an effective channel for selling products or services. By advertising on Pinterest you can reach your target audience at the right time.

Some numbers:
87% of the users buys a product after seeing it on Pinterest;
93% of the users plan a purchase with the help of Pinterest;
Advertisers see an increase in clicks of 20% after one month of launching a Pinterest campaign;
47% of the users will see a new brand on the platform.

Made, an off- and online furniture store, knew to secure and surpass their goals thanks to Pinterest:
36% increase in store visits
51% increase in conversions
106% increase in transactions
173% increase in profit

Read our blog about the importance of tracking data.

Pinterest Trends

After the great start of Pinterest advertising, they closed 2019 with a new update which is called ‘trends’. This is a new tool that gives us insights in most used search queries. It also shows when the peak of these queries are reached, this way we get a better insight in user behaviour on the platform. Eventually this will help advertisers in the process of setting up marketing campaigns. It makes it easier to target your audience in a more focused way.

That’s not the only new feature Pinterest has introduced in 2019. Meet ‘the Pinterest 100’ feature! This is an annual report in which we can read what was and is trending on the platform. This way, unique insights in upcoming trends can be obtained. These trends tell us useful insights which we can use for future campaigns. This years Pinterest 100 tells us that people think and behave more and more in a sustainable way. Another trends are that we seem to work from home more often than before, love being outdoors and are interested in responsible holidays/travels.

Curious to find out more? Here’s the latest Pinterest 100.

Is Pinterest the right platform for me?

By adding Pinterest to your online marketing strategy, you’ll benefit from useful tools and audience insights. It will help you create awareness, brand your business and drive conversions.

Did this blogpost leave you with curiosity about the possibilities of Pinterest advertising? Great! We’d be happy to discuss together how Pinterest could benefit your business.



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