Updates on Google Search for mobile

By 28 October 2022 Google, SEO
Google Search voor mobiel

Google continuously works on their organic algorithm, in this article we will explain the most important recent updates they did. These are gonna be relevant towards the end of 2022 and will still be seen more and more throughout 2023. These updates will be relevant for mobile devices only. On desktop, some of these updates have already been implemented, but we won’t go into that in this blog.

Multisearch expands

You can already search by using text, you can already search by using images. Now, those can be combined. By taking a picture through the Google app using Google Lens, you can afterwards swipe up to add a text query. Visual attributes that do not really show on the picture can be described by adding text to the search.

What is the impact on SEO? You should realize, even more than you probably did, that the combination of your images and the Alt Text it uses is super important for the relevancy of multiple search queries.

Google multisearch waar je afbeelding en tekst kan combineren

Search refinements

Searching on Google, either through their app or through a browser, will show suggestions while typing your query. For example searching for “best food” gives you the refinements of ‘Videos’, ‘Images’, ‘Near me’, ‘In the world’ and more. This is done to create a better user experience since the original search query may be too broad. In my opinion, this creates more need for long-tail keywords, and helps you provide the best helpful content ;). For now they are just testing with it but don’t be surprised if it’s going to stay.

Google App updates waardoor je makkelijker bijvoorbeeld een product in een screenshot kan opzoeken

Google App shortcuts

From now on the Google Search app for iOS will show shortcuts to search, translate, use voice search, find products through screenshots and more. The change is only available for iOS in the US at first and will later be added for Android as well. It is also expected to be available in Europe later on too.

Google Maps update

In The Netherlands it’s only been recently that places show up with a specific image in Google Maps. As far as we know the image has no other purpose than highlighting museums, tourist attractions and other popular spots. Unfortunately we have not yet seen a way to upload your own specific image, but they will choose whatever is available in your Google Business Profile. According to Google we will soon be able to get even more a vibe of a neighborhood through Google Maps.

Popular public places will probably benefit from this as they get highlighted even more than before. Especially if there are some ways to customize what someone sees. Choosing specific reviews and pictures that show up together will result in great organic traffic.

Andere highlights voor populaire plekken

Privacy priority

Google rolled out the ‘Results about you’ tool, where you can easily request the removal of search results that contain personal information. As far as we can see, this is not available yet in The Netherlands but should still be coming as soon as possible. Next to that, in the near future you will be able to opt into alerts if new results appear. Peace of mind.


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