Summer is here. Are you?

By 23 June 2021 December 9th, 2021 Events & Music, Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek has always proudly worked within the industry; partnering with some of Europe’s most exciting festivals. We’re talking DGTL, Parookaville, Milkshake, Electric Love and more. However, as we all know, the cultural industry as a whole has been under tremendous pressure this past year due to the uncertainty brought on by the pandemic. You can read more about how we helped the event industry respond to the crisis here.   

Although these conditions have made it impossible for enthusiasts to gather and enjoy their favorite artists, dance with a stranger, and grab a cold beer from a stand; Things are slightly different now. The sun is shining bright and Hide and Seek is ready to make people dance this summer.  

So, without further ado, here are a couple projects we are working on with our wonderful partners that will make you leave your house.


Wonderfeel is a three day outdoor festival around classical music with the casual atmosphere of a pop festival. You will be able to enjoy a variety of live performances, food vendors and drinks in a 25 hectare natural reserve. Tickets are available on their website and the festival will be taking place from the 16th to the 18th of july.

Grab your tickets here.

Milkshake Festival

Milkshake Festival is a place where nothing is a must and everything is possible. Weather you’re thick, thin, small, large gay, straight, trans, black or white: Milkshake is here to show you that, thanks to diversity, life is a party. Milkshake is increasingly confident they’ll be able to deliver a great experience on the 31st of July – August 1st and they will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary (so come prepared).


DGTL is an international festival that brings together some of the biggest names in house and techno music. The Amsterdam festival will take place at NDSM on the 11th and 12th of september. With artists like Folamour, Acid Pauli, Mall Grab, Kink ect on the lineup; DGTL is ready to deliver an unforgettable experience to anyone with a weakness for electronic music. Understandably, tickets have already sold out.

Bij ons in Breda

Bij ons in Breda will be opening its doors to 750 people from the 7th to the 24th of July. Attendees will have the opportunity to listen to great Dutch artists such as Suzan & Freek, Snelle, Racoon, Rolf Sanchez, Juf Roos, Martijn Fischer and more. The festival will not require testing before entering and their terrace will enable people to sit at a distance to enjoy a variety of snacks and drinks. Ticket sales for Bij ons in Breda will go live on Thursday, June 24 at 8 p.m.

Get your tickets here.

ASM festival 

The ASM Festival is a festival with a local character, but a national allure that will be taking place in stadsblokken, Arnhem on the 28th of August. Attendees will be able to enjoy live performances from Tim Akker, Miss Montreal, Kensington, Kraantje Pappie and more. The venue does require vaccination or a negative test prior to entry. Once inside, however, you will not need to keep any distances.

You can find tickets here.


Unfortunately, the German festival Parookaville was obligated to cancel their 2021 event due to governmental regulations and the risks involved with such a large festival. Parookaville wants to reassure fans that they are still alive and will keep on delivering amazing experiences after the pandemic. So, to make this happen, Parookaville has partnered with the team here at Hide and Seek to build and keep audiences engaged by creating a thrilling docuserie. The series talks about Parookaville’s creation, it’s history and notable moments.  We highly recommend it.


It’s been a difficult year for the music entertainment industry but we are more than glad to have the opportunity to work on these projects again. This past year has truly shown us the importance of being able to gather and enjoy cultural activities. Things are slowly getting back to what they once were and we are looking forward to working hand in hand with our partners in the event industry and continue to entertain the world.






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