Smart links for music marketing with Linkfire

By 12 February 2021 October 7th, 2021 Advertising, Events & Music, Spotify, Tracking
Smart links for music marketing

Linkfire is a tool that is rapidly gaining popularity in the music and festival industry. Because we – and our customers – have a close relationship with this industry, we are happy to tell you more about this handy tool. The tool is already used by many major players in the industry. For example, the tool is used by Universal Music, Warner Music, Sony Music, Armada, Kobalt and more than fifty artists.

With Linkfire you as an artist label or festival can create smart links (URLs) where you refer fans to content on their favorite music app. At the same time, the tool provides a lot of insights into the target group, which is very useful for online advertising purposes.

Via a Linkfire link, fans are forwarded to a microsite environment where various actions can be taken. The most used feature is the forwarding to social or music channels of an artist. But this is not the only form in which Linkfire can be a great solution for artists and festivals. For example, there is a suitable link solution for every objective you can think of for the industry. We list them for you:

Smart Links for any objective

Linkfire Award Link
  • Tour Link: Promote a tour or event for which tickets are sold. Ideal when it comes to multiple types of tickets over multiple dates;
  • Reward Link: Increase your fan engagement with contests, coupon codes and special (content) pages that become available after following a channel, for example;
  • Playlist Link: Promote playlists across multiple channels such as Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and more;
  • Content Link: Track all your results and insights from every link you promote;
  • Pre-release Link: Generate momentum until the day of a (single) release. When a fan clicks on your (pre-save) link, they will be taken to a page where they can ‘pre-save’ your upcoming track or album. The ‘pre-save’ is the streaming equivalent of yesterday’s’ pre-order ‘- it ensures that your track is added to, say, your fans’ Spotify library at the time that track is released;
  • Bio Link: Bring all of your content together in one beautiful and highly scrollable microsite. Ideal for sharing information about an artist or company about special releases, for example;
Example of Tour Link tracking commissions

In addition, Linkfire offers the option to personalize the experience of a link based on, for example, location, device type and much more. In this way, it can be ensured that the page that the fan sees is completely personalized.

Data of the behavior on these pages can be collected. Via built-in integrations, the data can be directly sent to Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Ads, among others. With the insights from the data, your online marketing activities can be taken to a higher level.

Eenvoudig dashboard met al je link data om de performance te metenLinkfire integraties met platformen

Dive into all your link data in one easy-to-use dashboard and send it to your favorite tool.

Are you curious whether this tool can also have an impact on your business? Would you like to hear more about the possibilities of Linkfire? Do not hesitate to contact us. We like to think along with you! 



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