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By 4 November 2021 December 9th, 2021 Hide and Seek
Hide and Seek Traineeship

Hi all. It’s time for our last blog as trainees. If you have not read our other two blogs, we are Ilse and Carmell, the first Online Advertising trainees of Hide and Seek and we would like to share how we went from trainees to junior online advertisers. 

The past months we followed an intensive traineeship about online advertising and we gained knowledge about all different online advertising channels within Google Ads and Social Media. After 3 months of training, we both went our separate ways in the process of becoming Junior Online Advertisers. Ilse started specializing in Google Search, Shopping, Tag Manager and Feed Management and Carmell started focusing on both Google Search and Social Media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. As you can probably see, we mostly work on other channels and that is why we will tell you separately about our findings about the learning journey from trainee to Junior Online Advertisers.


After 3 months of intensive online advertising training, I choose to specialize in the channel Google ads. More specifically I choose to focus on Google Search, Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Tag Manager and the additional channel Channable. The theory is fun, but the practice shows if you master the knowledge or not. I personally became responsible for the channels of my own client portfolios. Very exciting, but also pretty scary. How are you going to make your campaigns successful, and even more, how are you going to lift your campaigns to a higher level and make them as relevant as possible for your target audience. So….. where do you start? Occasionally I felt like I could barely keep my head up, but that’s also part of the learning process. But by exploring and communicating with your colleagues, you learn to understand the branche and I can tell you I now feel skilled enough at working on my channels. It’s about 4 weeks ago that I finished the traineeship and that I work as an Junior Online Advertiser and I would like to tell everyone who would like to specialise in online advertising that all the pieces will come together. Just give it time and don’t be scared that you do not have all the knowledge, because optimizing campaigns nevers stops. Even an experienced online advertiser still learns every day!


After focussing for 3 months on all different aspects of online advertising I came to the conclusion that I liked both Google and Social. This is why I choose to specialize in both areas, thus Google Search as well as Social (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest). Thereafter I went to work on different client portfolios with these channels in practice. It took a while for me to get used to the transition from training to maintaining my own client accounts. When you feel like you understand something in a training, it can be really different in practice. But working in practice and working with the team on different clients made me learn what the work actually is and what knowledge I actually needed. Meanwhile, 3 months later, I really know my clients and their profiles, and the work gets more fun everyday. I also notice that I really like the mix between Google and Social, I can switch focus per channel which ensures a nice change every day. I am happy to really understand my accounts and my next goal is to write and manage client proposals, client contact and accounts.

We hope that every starter with a passion for online advertising may experience such a nice learning process as we did. We also wish our new trainees, Evelien, Kaja, Marlous en Sarinah a fun and educational time!



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