Report trainees: first quarter at Hide and Seek

By 6 July 2021 October 7th, 2021 Hide and Seek, vacancies
Hide and Seek Traineeship

Hi! It’s time for a new blog about our traineeship at Hide and Seek. In case you haven’t read our first blog yet, we are Ilse and Carmell, the first Online Advertising trainees of Hide and Seek and in this blog we will tell you more about our first 3 months here.

In the last few months, we have gone through all kinds of different advertising channels. We did everything from search channels such as Google Search to Social channels such as Pinterest. We completed several training courses for each channel, followed by a case to test the acquired knowledge in practice. All this was a great way to broaden our own insight into all online advertising channels!

In the first six weeks we focused exclusively on Google, we studied all channels within Google Ads such as Search, Display, YouTube, and the basics of Shopping. Eventually, we devised our own campaign structures, expanded campaigns, used bidding strategies in the right way, and learned the best way to deploy a targeting strategy. We then delved into Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. These training courses taught us how to track data from a website and how to convert the collected data into useful information which allowed us to optimize our own campaigns. 

The following three weeks were mainly focused on the various Social Media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Spotify, and Snapchat. After following these training courses, we were also able to develop and set up our own campaigns. In addition, we have fully mapped out the differences between Social Media channels so that we have a good insight into which channel fits each phase of the funnel depending on the type of customer. 

The last week of training was centered around Google Shopping and Channable. During this week we continued on the basics that we had already laid in the first weeks. Here we learned how to manage a feed, clean the data in the feed and then export and use the data.

After we successfully completed all the training courses, we started working for our first real customer. In order to create a good online advertising plan, we both presented a plan on how we think we can achieve the marketing objective of this customer using different advertising channels. Ultimately, these plans were merged into one implementable online advertising plan. Carmell started working on Facebook and Instagram while Ilse focused on YouTube. We both developed our own campaigns within the respective channel. After approval, our first own campaigns went live! Quite exciting for the first time; luckily everything went according to plan. We then optimized the campaigns for better results. 

And so that’s how we went from months of training to our first successful campaign!

After 3 months of training, practicing with cases, and our first real customer, it was time for us to support the actual customer base of Hide and Seek. We both deal with different topics and channels. Ilse focuses on Shopping, Channable, and Google Search and Carmell focuses on Social media channels and Google Search. In the meantime, we both continue to train to ensure that we keep specializing in our respective fields. For example, Ilse is working a lot with Google Tag Manager and Carmell is working on going deeper into Facebook and Google.

We also learn a lot from the team we work with. Recently, the agency has won 2 awards and it was great to have experienced this victory with the whole team. We are both very happy with all the knowledge and experience we’re gaining at Hide and Seek and the Traineeship enables us to learn all while working on campaigns. We are still learning, both in practice and in theory. We are constantly developing and growing as Junior Online Advertisers!

Hide and Seek is super proud of these two Junior Online Advertisers. It is unprecedented how they have developed and learned the enormous amount of knowledge in a hiding and viewing way. In a few months, Carmell and Ilse have laid a very good foundation, not only in terms of knowledge and skills, but they also fit perfectly within the team. We are looking forward to the months to come!

Would you also like to follow a traineeship at Hide and Seek? We are looking for candidates who can start on September 1. Are you interested? Click on this link for all information. We hope to meet you!



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