Our City Garden, the platform that connects Amsterdam entrepreneurs and residents

By 9 April 2020 Hide and Seek
Our City Garden

With people sitting at home most of the time, many companies opt for home delivery or some other creative solution. A good option, because we all spend more time online and now that tourists are no longer a source of income, companies mainly rely on local citizens. Although, in this new situation, companies often struggle to be found online.

As an online marketing agency, we pride ourselves on always delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time. At Hide and Seek, we would like to do our part in these trying times by doing what we do best. This is why we created Our City Garden. An online platform where we aim to help Amsterdam entrepreneurs who are having a hard time right now. This online ‘garden’ is where we bundle various deals and initiatives and ‘water’ them so that they can grow again.

We are aware of the fact that many companies (especially now) do not have a large marketing budget. Our City Garden allows us to bring together smaller advertising budgets and give entrepreneurs the online visibility they deserve. After all, we are stronger together! In addition, it is nice for the local citizen to have an online overview and go-to place to support the local entrepreneur.

A Hide and Seek initiative

Our City Garden was created for all beloved local entrepreneurs. With a mix of PR, free publicity and paid advertising, we create awareness and visibility in Amsterdam and welcome locals on the platform through online campaigns. By ordering through the platform, Amsterdam residents can support their local deli, beauty salon, restaurant, you name it! Together, we can ensure that these beautiful flowers in our city remain fertile and colorful until at least the first of June!

The first 14 days are completely free of charge, so the entrepreneur can first figure out if the platform adds value to their business. After this trial period, an entrepreneur pays a small fee of €75 (per 4 weeks) to be part of Our City Garden. We would like to emphasize that the platform is created for the people and small businesses of Amsterdam: Hide and Seek does not get anything out of this (except a lot of satisfaction).

A win-win for entrepreneur and consumer

Every entrepreneur knows that each company depends on his or her customer base. Part of the clientele will now be searching for their products online. The idea behind the concept is to give the small to medium-sized, local businesses a push in the right direction and a chance to compete online. That is why it is important that an offer is also interesting and attractive to the consumer. We collect all the deals of local businesses in Our City Garden, so not only can people make an impact by supporting a local business, but they can also take advantage of a seriously good offer!

Of course, this platform is just as interesting for local entrepreneurs. The registration process is very simple and accessible, because we want to relieve entrepreneurs as much as possible. A simple online form does the trick. There is no previous online experience or exposure required. Our City Garden is very accessible, for both entrepreneur and consumer.

You can find out how the process works in the roadmap below.

proces(EN)Interested in Our City Garden?

Are you or do you know a local entrepreneur who could use some extra visibility online? Or are you someone who likes to support local businesses? Then take a look at the website and support your neighborhood! Alternatively, you can also send us an e-mail for more information. We are here to help and connect. Together we will overcome this peculiar situation, stronger than ever!



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