We now proudly are an official partner of Channable, a helpful online tool for data feed management

By 24 February 2020 Channable
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When we heard that Channable was hosting a two-day training for its official partners back in January, we knew for sure that we would not going to miss out on it. For many of our clients, Channable is or can be a helpful tool for data feed management. Therefore three of our Hide and Seek geeks travelled down to Channables headquarters in Utrecht.

OK but what is Channable, really?

Asking Channable this question, they would answer with “we’re an online tool providing a tool where marketing agencies and online retailers simply can offer their products and services on marketplaces, comparison websites and affiliates.”
However, before you’ll be able to use Channable, you’ll need to have a data feed.

So what’s a data feed?

A data feed basically is a file that contains detailed product information. A simplified form of a data feed could be a Google Spreadsheet with columns that contain details such as names, sizes, descriptions, URL’s or images.

Who could benefit from Channable?

Data feeds are often used by fashion retailers, because of the many different specifications per product (size, color, material etc). Running a business in another industry? Channable could most likely benefit your business too. A data feed could be useful for businesses in aviation, hospitality, lifestyle or the cinematic industry too. You name it!

How does it work?

A data feed is not mandatory for selling products on your website. However – if you want to advertise a collection of products on marketplaces, affiliates or comparison websites such as Amazon or eBay, you might want to consider using Channable. Channable makes sure that your feeds (Google Spreadsheet, Shopify, WooCommere, CSV-file) gets uploaded in the correct way and makes it possible to advertise on platforms such as Google Shopping, Bing Ads, Facebook, etc.

The mandatory fields to fill in in order to show products differ from channel to channel. Channable helps fill in and coordinate these mandatory fields by a set of rules. In a way, it translates the product-info from one channel to another by using rules.


By the use of rules, you can simply fill in or adjust fields and exclude or label specific products. In the image underneath you can see an uploaded data feed versus a feed that is complemented with a set of rules.


In the custom_label_0 field, we calculated the margin of a product (purchase price vs selling price). This way, you’re able to set a higher CPC bid for products with a higher margin – or exclude products with a lower margin. There are infinite possibilities to setting rules in Channable. All with the bigger goal to optimise your business results and ultimately, your business’ profit.

Link with Google Analytics and Search

To benefit from even more features, Channable offers the possibility to link with Google Analytics. By connecting the two tools, it for instance is possible to exclude ads for products with a conversion rate lower than 1%. This way you make sure your advertising budget is spent on products that are worth it.

When a data feed is filled with the right rules, you’d be able to use Channable to optimise your Search campaigns as well. Channable recently added a feature where its possible to coordinate sitelink- and price extensions as well. At Hide and Seek we have been testing and using this feature fully – we’re very excited about it!

Hide and Seek and Channable

All and all, we’re very happy to be invited to this training. We have learned a lot about the (new) possibilities of Channable. Now we’re very excited to implement all the gained info into our day-to-day services for our clients. 

Did we leave you curious about Channable after reading this blog? Amazing! Because we would love to have a chat to find out how we could help your business grow by implementing Channable to your business.

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