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By 25 November 2022 Advertising, Snapchat Ads

Whoever thought that Snapchat is pretty much passé in 2020 is very wrong! Snapchat is booming. In Q3, the social media platform reported its best results ever, contrary to many analysts’ expectations. Compared to last year, turnover has grown by 52%. The active membership has grown by 18%. In addition, the platform is developing rapidly with distinctive advertising options and features. We list the most interesting features and developments for you. This way you are completely up-to-speed.

  • Now also Dutch content from publishers
  • Arrival of Commercials
  • Impressive advertising options such as AR Lenses and Filters &
  • Dynamic ads to advertise your products efficiently and effectively

Dutch content

Since October you can find content from Dutch publishers on the Discover page of Snapchat. Dutch users can now go here for content from Vice Nederland, 433, NOS and Hearst, among others. It is expected that Snapchat will be used even more intensively by current users, but will also attract new users. For advertisers, this means that the number of available advertisements will increase.


With the arrival of Dutch publishers on the Discover page, a new ad format has also been made available: Commercials. Commercials are video ads that appear during or between viewing the video content on the Discover page. This ad format is especially suitable if your goal is to create awareness for your brand. This is because the user chooses to view certain content from a publisher (such as NOS). As a result, the user is focused on the content as soon as the Commercial appears. This increases the chance that the message will stick.

A Commercial can last up to three minutes and the first six seconds cannot be skipped. In addition, there is also the option to link to a website or AR Lens.

AR Lenses

Perhaps the most impressive feature within Snapchat is the Augmented Reality Lens. With the AR Lense you create a (branded) interactive experience for the user. In principle, with an AR Lens you create an illusion that looks very realistic. For example, Snapchatters can place themselves in your ad, so to speak. The Lens ensures that you are transformed as a user. For example, think of a transformation into a puppy, a robot or a younger version of yourself!

In addition, the Snapchatter can also post the video he/she records on his/her Stories or forward it to other Snapchatters. Chances are that the user will want to share this with his/her friends and that these friends will also use and share the feature.

With Snapchat’s Lens Studio , developers and creatives can get started creating AR Lenses. The tool is packed with useful features that can help you develop an impressive and eye-catching AR Lense for your brand.

AR lens in Snapchat

An example of an AR Lens


If you use Snapchat yourself, chances are that every time you open the app, you will see a Filter passing by somewhere. They are often shared. A Snapchat Filter is a creative overlay that can be added after a user takes a photo or video. As an advertiser, this is also (just like with the AR Lenses) a feature that ensures that you are part of the user’s story or moment.

It is important when applying Filters that it connects well with the audience. Snapchatters are generally young, 50% of Dutch users are between 18-24 years old. The app is characterised by playful features, including Filters. A Filter is therefore the perfect way to give your brand a lot of likeability and to stand out. Processing humour in your filter is therefore highly recommended.

Advertisement on Snapchat by Unox

Snapchat ad example from Unox. On the left an AR Lens and on the right a Filter

Dynamic ads

Dynamic ads ensure that your collection of products is brought to the attention of a relevant target group via Snap ads. This is done based on a product feed. The advantage of Dynamic ads is that it is time efficient to set up and ensures maximum results. An image is automatically cropped to the correct size for a specific placement. An image can be used for five different placements. In addition, article information is automatically updated thanks to the product feed. For example, it is not necessary to manually adjust a price in an advertisement if a product is discounted. Also, advertisements of products that are not in stock can be paused automatically.

You can use this feature for both new and existing audiences. For new audiences, this is based on prospecting. This means that the Snapchat system will look for new people who are most likely to buy your product. These people have not yet visited your website.

Do you want to convince doubters? Then dynamic ads are perfectly suited for remarketing. Think of a visitor to your website who has viewed a certain product but still had doubts. You can reach this person again later on Snapchat with the exact product they viewed or put into their month. You can reach this person on Snapchat for 30 days after this promotion by means of dynamic remarketing.

Snapchat at Hide and Seek

We really enjoy thinking about how Snapchat can contribute to your online marketing strategy. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss this. Perhaps one of these new developments will make Snapchat very interesting for your business.

Do you want to know more about Snapchat? Take a look at our Snapchat service page.



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