Livestream Success Story of Parookaville Festival

By 8 August 2022 December 22nd, 2022 Advertising, Hide and Seek, Klanten
Livestream Success Story of Parookaville Festival

On top of a sold-out festival with 225,000 people, the live stream at the Parookaville Festival was also a great success this year. After the pandemic, we were happy that we could finally strike again! PAROOKAVILLE decided to go big again this year with a live stream so that all the people at home would also be able to enjoy the performances of Armin van Buuren, Afrojack, Tiësto, and many more.

Hide and Seek was also present at the Parookaville Festival this year! Streaming a festival is a huge organization and to ensure that the live stream would be clearly visible to everyone, our team visited PAROOKAVILLE.

Upon arrival at Airport Weeze, just across the German border, we were met by Bill Parooka, the mayor who founded PAROOKAVILLE. In the City of Dreams you can go to the Town Hall for a Parookaville-stamp on your ticket-visa, in the church, you can get married and if you end up in prison you can get a tattoo there. From the meters high carousel, you have a nice overview of all attractions, the swimming pool, the boulevard, the post office, the city forest, and of course all the stages with the dancing Parookaville-citizens.

How we boosted the live stream?

We were amazed at the immense festival terrain, but there was also work that had to be done. The purpose of the live stream was of course to allow everyone without a Parookaville-visa to take a look and hopefully bring them to PAROOKAVILLE next year. Through the live stream campaigns, 5,7 million viewers have been able to enjoy the festival performances and we reached over 14,3 million people. In addition, the live stream campaigns brought over 210,000 new visitors to the website during the festival. We can reach this new target group in the upcoming period to promote the next edition at the Parookaville Festival 2023. That way we can make sure the Parookaville Festival continues to grow, something every business wants.

Promoting a live stream involves a lot of work and good preparation is crucial. To target the right audience, we released our targeting strategy on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Search. It was important to focus on geographic targeting in combination with interest in EDM music and festivals. Streaming on the Facebook pages of artists and our access to these pages made it able to introduce many new viewers to the live stream of PAROOKAVILLE. Thanks to our previous experience with live streams and the great organization of PAROOKAVILLE, everything went great and we, but also the media team of PAROOKAVILLE, are very satisfied with the great results.

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