Google Ads: How to write the best Google Ads Text

By 23 December 2022 Google Ads
Zo schrijf jij de beste Google Ads teksten

When advertising on Google Ads there are a lot of subjects to take into account, such as choosing the right bidding strategy, the right keywords and the best way of spending your budgets. However, something people tend to forget is the Ad Copy. Texts in your ads are super important, especially because this is the part the client actually gets to see. Often these ad texts get written once but it is better to keep these texts as relevant as possible. Fortunately there is a system to make your ads relevant and keep them relevant, and I will go through that system in this blog. After reading this blog you can write the best ad texts and you will know which tools you can use while writing your ad texts!

There are 8 main components that you definitely have to include in your ads texts. These 8 components are Keyword Focused, Features, Benefits, Price Comparisons, Brand Messaging, Social Proof, Call to Action and Advantage over Competitors. You can choose to use all of these components in one ad or you can make different ads in which, for example, three components are used multiple times.

Keyword Focused

In every ad group you use keywords. In the ad that is linked to this specific ad group, you always need to use some of these keywords. If you, for example, have an ad group with keywords such as “buy chocolate”. Then it’s crucial to have a headline in your ad with “Buy Chocolate”, “Buy Delicious Chocolate”, etc. Google Ads also gives you the possibility to use the keyword insertion feature. Essentially, keyword insertion allows your ads to be automatically updated by including search terms out of your ad group into your ad. See an example below:

Headline: Buy {KeyWord:Chocolate}


Always give features of your product or service in your ad text. That is how the client gets an overview of what you have to offer. By emphasizing these features in your ads, you give your client an immediate insight into whether your product is relevant for him/her. Think about headlines such as: Produced in Europe, Custom Made, Professional Stylists, Trained Employees.


Many people mix up features and benefits in their ad texts. Make sure that you name features as well as benefits of your products. Features are components that are related to your product or service. Benefits are components with which you show the client what is the advantage of buying your product, instead of choosing the competitor. For example: Free Shipment, Pay with Klarna, Within 2 Days at Your Home. 

Price Comparison

With price comparison, we mean what is the price advantage for the client when buying from you versus buying from another company. It is very useful to put in your ad text because your potential client sees in one glance that ordering with your company is a better choice than ordering somewhere else. Think about: From €25,-, 10% Discount, 20% Cheaper than in Store. This gives the client an attractive insight in the price of your product/ service before they have even been on your website.

Brand Related

In an ad you want to show who you are as a company. For this reason you add brand-related components in your ad texts. Of course, you mention your own brand name but you can also include the other matters that make your brand special: High Quality, The Specialist in Chocolate, 10 Years of Experience. With this, you give the client a positive insight into who you are as a company and what makes your company stand out. Think about all the USP’s you have as a company and mention them here.

Social Proof

Potential clients like to have security. They like to buy something that is proven to be good and most of the time, they check reviews from other clients that have ordered a product or service before. They use those reviews as social proof. This is also something you want to mention in your ad texts. Do you have a lot of reviews? Do you get a high average review? Do you have certifications? Use all of it! Think about headlines such as: Clientreview of 9, 700+ Reviews, Webshop Certification. In this way, you give potential clients an extra piece of trust in your brand and website.

Call to Action

Eventually your goal is probably to gain conversions and sell your product or service. Thus, you need to textually push your potential client to take action. To achieve this you can add a Call To Action, such as: Order Now, Make An Appointment Now, etc. Also, you can choose to give your potential clients a sense of urgency in a Call To Action. With headlines such as: 3 Days Discount Left, Almost Sold-Out. Hence, when a client has a sense of urgency the tendency to buy gets higher.

Advantage Over Competition

Unfortunately, most of the time we are not the only ones offering a product or service. It differs per branch how much competition is active, although, in most cases, there is a lot. Hence, this means that the client is always deciding between your company and other providers. To make sure the client chooses you, you have to show them what makes you better than the competition. You can do this by mentioning your advantage over competitors in your ad text: Best Price of NL, Fast Delivery, Installation by Professionals. It’s important to know what you do better than your competitors, do you deliver faster? Or do you have a lower price? Mention them in your ad texts.

To pin this down

In one Responsive Search Ad you can use up to 15 headlines, so there is enough space to work with all of the components mentioned above. Do you already use all of the components? Then you have a relevant and informative ad! You do not use these components yet? Then it would be useful to make an overview and try to come up with 4 headlines per component (max 30 characters). Then you can make different ads with different components and combinations of components. 

Responsive Search Ad Headlines voorbeeld

If there are components that you find extra important for your client to see in your ad, then you can just simply pin this headline. With pinning you give Google the command to always show this headline in your ad. 

Thanks for reading these tips about writing Google Ads texts. We are very curious to see your ad texts. If you have any questions, then feel free to contact us!

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