Hide and Seek is going to SXSW

By 28 February 2020 Hide and Seek

What is South by Southwest?

South by Southwest (or commonly known as SXSW) is an annual Music-, Film- and Interactive festival and conference held in Austin, Texas. SXSW 2020 takes place 13 – 22 March and this years’ theme is Welcome to the Future.

SXSW started as a music festival, highlighting the newest acts from rock and singer-songwriters to electronic music. Now it also has a film component; a Film festival showing the newest movies, from indie to Hollywood. It also has an interactive component, where all the latest trends and insights into the future of design and tech are presented.

Along with many great speakers and exhibitions, there are numerous interesting networking events, talks and workshops focused on the three tracks. SXSW attracts a diverse audience of artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and business people.

Why are we going to SXSW?

Since we started our agency, we have been working with many big names in the music business. Over the years we have added some great customers in the field of film. Next to customers in music and film, we have customers for whom the Music / Film / Interactive audiences are a very interesting crowd to get to know even better. That is why SXSW has been on our radar for quite some time. 

Our aim is to make sure to understand the world(s) of our customers and to always stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the digital landscape. SXSW is the ultimate place to discover new trends and to talk to people who will make these trends happen. 

Now we have the chance to be part of the ‘Dutch trade-mission’ called New Dutch Wave. Together with companies such as VanMoof and Tony Chocolonely, we will be going on a very interesting trip to Austin. Arnoul and Sabine are already leaving in two weeks’ time! 

Next to getting indulged and inspired by new trends and tools for the future, our aim is to talk and meet with interesting new people and companies. Not only to work with directly, but also to build a strong strategic international network all over the world.


Follow our journey!

Next week, we will be having our first meet up with the New Dutch Wave delegation. Then we will hear more about the NDW program and networking events. Already, we are exploring the extensive SXSW program and the useful delegates database. We’re very excited to start this journey!

We will keep you updated on all our activities via our Social Media accounts – Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn – and our blog on our website. You’ll find regular posts and insights into all the things we are about to discover. We also have a dedicated SXSW2020 page where you can already read more now! 

Hide and Seek & SXSW – After Event

Our aim is to absorb as much information as we can, so we can take it all home with us and share it with you. That is why we are going to host an ‘SXSW Insights & Actions’ event, on Thursday the 23rd of April, where we’ll share the latest trends and discoveries directly with you.

For this event, we will invite clients, partners and other people who can benefit. Keep an eye out for our blogs and social posts! Feel free to reach out so that we can keep you informed about the program of the event and make sure that we have plenty of seats, drinks & snacks for everyone!



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