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Finally, the holidays are moving in. In the fourth quarter, with days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas, the bargain hunters are ready to rumble. Especially in the Netherlands there has been an increase in interest in Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Video is becoming a more important medium. In 2020 it’s expected that 80% of all internet traffic will contain video. Therefore, the popularity of video will certainly increase. Platforms, such as YouTube, will become bigger and more important. This trend is also in the Netherlands, where the current number of users is around nine million. Its growth is mainly visible in young users between 15 and 19 years old.

So how can you respond with YouTube on the upcoming holidays and how do you ensure that your video ad stands out even more?

The last couple of months YouTube has introduced and announced three options that could be interesting regarding the holidays.

New: YouTube True View For Action

The first option is True View For Action, a video ad more focused on conversion. This type of advertisement allows you to generate more leads and conversion by adding obvious CTA’s (call-to-action) and header overlays.

True View For Action reduces the step from branding to action during an instream ad. So while video ads first only made you visible, it can now also generate traffic and conversions.

New: YouTube True View For Shopping

The second option is True View For Shopping, also a tool that is focused on reducing the step from branding to sales. This type of advertising creates a more interactive video ad by showcasing your products during the instream ad.

Note that you need to make use of Google Merchant Center for this tool.

New: YouTube Bumpers For Shopping

The third option is Bumpers For Shopping. It’s similar to a True View For Shopping ad, but in a Bumper format, meaning a video of a maximum of 6 seconds. During and after the video the products are shown, where elsewise the companion banner would be.

Bumpers For Shopping is currently in a beta phase and not available for everyone yet.

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