Dynamic Advertisements on Facebook and Instagram

By 14 May 2018 January 22nd, 2019 Facebook & Instagram Ads

For advertisers on Facebook it’s not unusual to set up dozens of variations of ads to find the best-performing combination. With Facebook Dynamic Ads (or Facebook Dynamic Content) it’s now possible to easily create different variants of advertisements. With this tool one ad can be set up per ad set, which then optimizes for the best combinations of the available advertising material. The tool makes variations of the various images, videos, titles, descriptions and action buttons and searches for the best performing content for the target group.

Implementation of Dynamic Ads on Facebook and Instagram

This tool can be used for campaigns focused on conversions, generating website traffic or installing apps. The format of the ad has to be a regular Facebook or Instagram ad with one image or one video. This tool allows you to use thirty different means and therefore thousands of variants of the advertisement on one target group. This saves up lots of time and offers a lot more possibilities than before.

These different means for the variations of the advertising material for Dynamic Ads on Facebook and Instagram should contain a maximum of:

  • Title: 5 titles per ad
  • Image or video: 10 images or 1o videos
  • Text: 5 main texts
  • Description: 5 descriptions
  • CTA: 5 CTA buttons

Performance of Dynamic Ads on Facebook and Instagram

The performance of the Dynamic Ads can be viewed in Facebook’s Advertising Management. The results of the different parts can be viewed per image, video, title, text, description and CTA buttons. With these insights, better performing advertisements can be set up for each target group and the best possible combination can be made out of the various components. This makes it easier and more transparent to develop future advertising material, and at the same time it saves advertisers and designers a huge amount of time.

Contact Hide and Seek

Do you have various advertising materials that you would like to use, but you’re not sure what works best for your target group? Contact Hide and Seek directly and ask for the possibilities to use Dynamic Ads on Facebook and Instagram.


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