A look into the first month of our social ads traineeship at Hide and Seek

By 14 November 2022 Hide and Seek
Social Ads trainees Kevin and Yvet

Hi there! We are Kevin and Yvet, and we are the new social advertising trainees at Hide and Seek. It has been one month since we started our traineeship, which is why we want to share with you our first impressions and experiences working at the loving agency!

Of course it is very exciting to start a new job, you never know what it is going to be like. But it wasn’t necessary to be stressed at all, as on the first day the team already made us feel at home. During our first week we got the opportunity to work on a case that made us connect with Hide & Seek, their way of working and of course with our new colleagues. Each week we get to work on a new case, which is always guided by a training course. The first week we worked on a digital marketing foundations course on LinkedIn to get started. During the week they also showed us the planning for the traineeship and appointed two colleagues that would guide us through it: Jennifer and Ido. To complete our first week, Hide and Seek hosted a borrel to welcome us into the team, so all in all we had a great start!

During our second week we started our Facebook (Meta) training. We did not waste any time and straight away dived into the Facebook ads manager tool. Guided by the Facebook Blueprint courses, we started building our first campaigns. Something that we really enjoy during our traineeship is the fact that we get real clients as the basis for our cases. Since it was October, our case subject was none other than ADE, for which we had to create a full funnel online marketing strategy. Besides all this, we already started to feel really comfortable at the office and within the team. At Hide and Seek we always have lunch together, which is a great way to spend time together and get to know each other better! 

As Meta is quite complex, we spent 4 weeks in total getting to know all the ins and outs. Every week we would get to dive a bit deeper into for example different campaign objectives or the use of specific bidding strategies. For each case, we would get a different client. Knowing that the ideas we come up with during the cases might actually be used in practice is very cool and motivating! Each week we got more comfortable with the different tools and our campaigns got better and better. The fourth and last week we did an individual case and built an actual campaign for an imaginary H&S festival. To conclude the Meta chapter, we both passed the Facebook Blueprint course and received the official certificate. We are starting to feel like real online advertising specialists a bit more every week. 

And just like that, our first month at Hide and Seek was over. Time really does fly when you’re having fun! Each time we think we know a lot about a certain topic, we quickly realise that there’s a lot more to learn. All in all, we really like the fact that we can work together on each case, complementing each other and also sharing the workload. During our first month, we were able to really absorb the Hide and Seek approach, which is all about building close relationships not only with the clients, but also with the team. This was most noticeable during our ADE event, where we spent a wonderful time with the team but also our clients.

One of the greatest things about the traineeship is that it really feels like a safe space. We’re here to learn, to make mistakes and get better. Hide and Seek managed to create a very stimulating environment where we are challenged every week to do our best and to get creative, guided by detailed feedback and suggestions that help us to get better. The team is very supportive and always available to answer our questions, which we have a lot of 😉

One thing that we can be sure of is that we are going to learn a lot more in the coming weeks! The planning includes a deep dive into LinkedIn marketing, Pinterest and Tiktok. After that, we’ll start shadowing some of our colleagues in the socials team to get comfortable with the day-to-day tasks of an online advertising specialist. We’ll catch up with you in a few weeks to tell you all about it!

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